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Watching YouTube Videos.

Watching YouTube Videos.

In this lesson, we will learn about watching YouTube videos. So, it is all about watching videos, specifically watching on the web right inside the browser this is where YouTube made its own.

Watching YouTube Videos.

Let’s started with how we actually watch YouTube videos.

Go YouTube website.

When you first open YouTube (Home Page) Currently I am signed in.

If your screen looks a little bit different than mine but this part is going to be the same.  You see several videos thumbnails and each one of these to link to videos.

youtube home page

 The length of video will always the displays the thumbnail, and then If I roll over that becomes a little clock which is to say and watch later.

 youtube video show timing

Go ahead and click the video, not on the clock but click on the thumbnail and what you see it. The video page will launch and automatically start playing.

You clicked any video then video automatically will be played.

 playing youtube video

For the present, I have paused the video by clicking on the paused button but if you want to play the video just click on play button but now I will a little bit talk about the interface.

But is important to realize that when you click on the thumbnail, you are not only going to the video page. But in fact, it is going to play. If

Watching YouTube Videos.

 youtube video options

 youtube video quality

You can decrease and decrease the sound by clicking on the volume control. Also, we can know the full length of the video and how much we have played.

On the right-hand side, we have a lot of detail information about how the video displays.

  1. Closed captions.
  2. Next, quality settings. The different things are available. Depending on your videos. We will talk about these from point of view someone is creating video and what all the numbers mean and for the end-user you either or be auto or you may want to click the highest quality does not cause the problems. So sometimes low bandwidth if you go with HD videos you see some staggering. in which case want to switch back to auto one of the lowest setting.
  3. Next, theatre mode.
  4. Next, full screen.
  5. You can also see the scroller bar. You can move forward or rewind the video, it shows thumbnail and timing during the dragging. Forward and back.

On the right-hand side, you can see the suggested videos. Which are based on similar to current running video?

youtube up next videos

Up next.

As I scroll down I have the number of choices. They get us to interacting and sharing videos. So, click on share.

 youtube sharing video

youtube sharing options

You can also give comments.

 youtube commenting

Playing the video that is the heart of YouTube. A large percentage of people shares videos there. But it is safe to say every single user of YouTube one point to another uses just watch the video.

Browsing YouTube videos.

Watching videos on YouTube is pretty straightforward. But how do you find the videos that you want to watch? We have some options here one of the simplest is browsing this.

Let’s look at an option in that area. You can see on the YouTube Homepage that I am not signed in to.

When you come to YouTube not signed in it look very similar to that but the content itself probably different depending on what date is that essentially what we are going to talk about is browsing content.

 youtube home page not singed in

You can choose any of the thumbnails which are available and jump right to the video. But if it does not appeal to you continue browsing on the left-hand side.

 youtube browsing on left hand side

You can see the popular videos on YouTube already highlighted and in fact. The homepage has YouTube what is called the channel, others channels are Music, Sports, Gaming, and son.

best of youtube

 Browse Channel.

Browse Channel youtube

 Browse youtube Channel

Switch to the obvious choice for browsing. But what you see is I just get the full-page that is pretty much the same at this bar here. Sure, enough similar choices you can see that the YouTube-generated channels here in the red icons.

 Browse Channel music

Then the other channels that they are featuring. When I click on the channel, it is pretty much more browsing and now we can see the actual videos on YouTube Music channels.

more youtube music channel

Searching for YouTube Videos.

Browsing for videos now you know can be fun what if you are looking for something really specific on YouTube. In that case, searching for your content is probably going to be a better bad. I notice that I am on YouTube Homepage but I am not signed in.

search youtube videos

If you signed in the page will look the little bit different for you. The page looked different anyway because YouTube changes frequently.

You can see at the top of the page. There is a search bar. We can expect that stray pretty constant especially because if our mind is Google interface and YouTube is part of Google.

I am going to type in looking for here anything when you start to type, you will notice that there some suggestions are coming and likely to be helpful. In this case, I am searching here Samsung.

When you type any query in the search bar of YouTube than you will get its result.

 search more options

Here are my search results, you can choose one of these.

search youtube results

running youtube video


You can narrow the search by clicking on the fitter option.

youtube filter

You can choose any filter option then the result will be displayed according to filter settings.

 youtube more filter options

Like a lot of things on YouTube, searching is very much what are you expecting, it is powerful, intuitive, and the fastest way to get the content that you want.

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