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Video Marketing                                                             

Video Marketing.

Video marketing is another relatively new component of digital marketing. It involves producing videos content and place area sites like YouTube. Now you might be asking why worth producing videos content for the site like YouTube.


If I ask you what the second largest search engine is the next Google is. What do you say “yahoo, or Bing”, No, the answer is actually YouTube? This makes to YouTube incredibly valuable resource drive brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Video Marketing can be:

  • Show location or products.
  • Even Help customers make decisions for buying.
  • You can make videos to Tell the customers for brands story.
  • Create a commercial and use it as advertising of related content.

A good title and descriptive video appear in Google search engine well driving another opportunity to people to discover your brand.

There is huge potential to build video content to rise to your audience and you may decide that video marketing is ideal. Because it helps you a lot with you sell journey or may be answering the YouTube reinforce your brand commitment to customer service.

It is possible the customers and competitors are already making the videos about your product and services. If that the case. Even more, a reason to jump in leverage the power of video marketing. The best impact of video marking is the will come from building interesting and unique content.

One of the best place to start video marketing effort on YouTube.

Not all videos content is created equal. If you have decided to peruse video marketing. You want to focus on building high quality and highly target material. Much like your website.  YouTube viewers decide whether to keep watching your videos within the first few seconds. So, you not only need to recall the consideration throughout your videos but you need to make sure the first moment to captivate.

Your content should express right to the audience. If you tilting to younger generations humor gets approach. The older generation might be more interested in authentic and authoritative tone. some of the best content answers the questions to your target audiences already asking.

As you create your videos. Avoid building a sell pitch. Instead, share the unique content aspect your product or service. That can be told with text your pictures.

 What makes your unique?

What are you proud of?

What do you highlight? When you share your business offering with others. These are some great questions to find what content create first.

As you build the content. Keep the following in mind.

1 keep video short

  • Your video should be short.
  • 2 minutes is the ideal starting point.
  • If you plan using on your videos as pay commercial, less than 30 seconds.

When you go to create your content. Be sure use your videos with high-quality cameras. Focus on good lighting, keeping camera stable. If you end up shooting with iPhone remember turn is horizontal. Talk directly to your audience and keep it natural and informal personal values of your brand. Your tone and visual style.  Keep future videos consistent.

So, it not creates confusion. When the user watches more and more your material. Not most views only make through 70% of your video and that is not pushing it. The shorter your video. The better likely hood watching to the end.

Including the call to action in the middle of your content and then again the end.

Leverage the annotations.

2 focus on high quality

  • Focus on high quality.
  • Include a call to action.
  • Leverage annotations.

For more details and best practices, I would defiantly check out the YouTube playbook at following URL.

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