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Developing Video Content for YouTube.

In this lesson, we will learn How to develop video content for YouTube. My philosophy is to measure twice cut once. Meaning the planning the head saves your a lot of time money and pain the during the executions.


Planning the heads helps you in all productions and no different if you making the Video Content for YouTube video or hundred-million-dollar movie. It is always the same.

The first thing we want to think about. When our planning head is simply defining our goals.

1 Video Content

  • What are you trying to accomplish?

What is that we are trying to do with any given piece of Video Content and on YouTube, it could be widely is different or you just trying share some personal videos and make them look good for your family. Are you executing the part of co-operating communications in the campaign are you building your own profile as media maker? It is very important to think through what your true goals are? Before you start even making your video.

Part of that thinking about your audience. The way in which you produce and compress posted videos we will have to do with who you trying to reach and how they are familiar with receiving content. If your audience is younger you cut more quickly in a lot of images and you might expect them to have broadband connections. The thing of that nature. A little bit audience research really goes along.

  • What are you communicating with them?

What are you communicating with them? Or You also think about your message because the message is the key you would be surprised that how many people get deep into video project without really considering, what is they are trying to communicate at the core.

  • Is this personal use, or professional?

We also to define our self-best on what the level of Video Content. We shooting professional level or we using YouTube as sort of substitute for various ways people have shared their personal Video Content and media over the years.

  • Define your identity and goals.

At the end of the day if you know who you are what’s your goals are who’s you trying to reach what you want to say? It gives you a huge head to start on preparing our Video Content for YouTube.

General Media Creation Process.

2 Video Content

The next thing I want to talk about are the steps go into the creation of all media projects because I strongly believe no matter what level working at if we define the steps of the process it is easy to think them.


Planning and research: so we talk about Preproduction: Planning and research, all of the questions as the previous page and more work having to do with locations and the subjects or characters or actors or scripts or shooting styles everything can be possibly be decided before we shoot the first frame.


Shooting and acquisition: production and shooting I also refer as acquisition besides shooting it could be something like any research or recording audio or still photographs but production is the acquisition of all the media ingredient that is going to go with the Video Content.


Editing: postproduction or editing telling the story cutting the pieces together to make our final Video Content.

Compression: reducing data and preparing for delivery: it is an important stage in all YouTube video. This is where you go your master-quality video and you can compress it or make it smaller by eliminating some sort of data, but hopefully persevering the quality of the video. We can talk a lot about a compression specific YouTube in coming lessons.


Authoring how will you prepare to prefer a delivery and if there is any in the active element if there is any link that all consider part of authoring. For instance, the DVD process designing the menus, and getting all those buttons linked up. That is authoring.


3 Video Content

Shooting is a very big topic and I specifically want to talk about shooting for YouTube or we sometimes call it, shooting for small screens. I want to be careful about the way talk about it because absolutely true these days YouTube distributed full-size content that it has been particularly prepared for YouTube at all. That been said it is also true a lot of fun is going into how people watch video on different devices and web browsers, particularly on mobile devices.

The term art for that is small screen shooting and I do look at tips particular very valuable if you shooting for the small screen including YouTube. One way to think about this heading just understand where you are placing yourself in terms of context shooting. It does matter so, what is your audience is expecting.

Shooting Contexts.

  • Professional: so, if you shoot as professional and you know that professional product the end of the day. That says the expectations, and especially for the small screen. You do be very careful. About the number of tips. I am going to give in next slides/lessons.
  • Hobbyist: if you are the hobbyist, might not be quite is high. It might be the case that you got difference source of shots just work and you put on YouTube. The way they are and that’s that the tips may not really apply to you and last and until in case specifically about shooting the small screen.
  • New Media Specialist: finally, a lot of people crafting themselves that a new media specialist. Someone who really think about the aspects of the media, social aspects, how will be embedded, interactive aspects. In which again I would say the bar is very high and also you may very much be thinking specifically the small screen in your productions the depending upon where you are coming from. You might put less time, just specifically thinking about small-screen productions. But if it is you want to focus on the following tips are very helpful.

Shooting Tips:

When shooting for the small screen.

  • Use period: Always use the tripod, I personally think that the using the tripod to good ideas in most cases but a lot of things we have to look acceptable and moving shots and the certain amount of shaky shots. Seems to add life to the Video Content. Actually, become more detailed when compress for the web and you may consider that using that moving styles. Instead of using the tripod. Again, it is going to be more improve the true small screen. That someone using YouTube to watch the big Video Content.
  • Don’t move the camera too much: similarly, plan to move the camera too much. A lot of big waving shots just a lot of moment in the shot becomes more distressed upon compressions. So even if you might choose moving shots if you shooting specifically for YouTube specifically for the small screen, you may consider more static shots.
  • Lighting matter, even if you have few lights: do not ignore lighting. No matter which level add, and no matter what lights you have, what equipment try to at least pay attention to that lights is going on, in the environment, this means just raising the shades more naturalize it may meaning choosing the outer location or indoor location the light too strong.
  • Audio matter; make it a priority: the same for audio, if you use real microphone do it if you monitor audio with headphones absolutely do it, that audio, very distracting in any video if do not make the priority, you may wind up with audio that is not really usable.
  • Try a tight framing, but a wide angle: once another thing I really, like on small screen, is to use the tight framing like, closed up but wide angle lance we can call some time zooming in with our feed because with wide angle lance, if you want to get close, you have to physically closed.
  • Have fun and experiment: there is no strict rule everything as I said here is the rule, and rules made for broken, so, do not forget for fun and feel free to experiment. So these are some tips, shooting for the small screen and shooting when you know the throughout YouTube. Some of the technical factors will come in to play, will dictate some of your, shooting decisions.


4 Video Content

In shooting and editing is a huge topic more than we have covered here in one lesson, what I do want to do or some tips for editing and post productions specific to YouTube or what I call small screen content.

That content that is going to be compressed to the web and might be watching on small little windows your browser or mobile device when you are editing these types of environment that certain choices you can make that will help to your video good and clean in the final execution.


Workflow and Process.

More cuts, less fancy transitions.

Editing Tips.

  • Workflow and Process: the first goes pretty much any project my book which is the emphasis on workflow and process. If you not familiar with the post-production projects process term like a rough cut, fine caught, picture lock, compositing, I would go ahead, get some education in that area.
  • Avoid extremely fast editing.
  • Make graphics readable.
  • Never forget: it’s about the content!


5 Video Content

Why people watch your videos on YouTube or more the point. If someone watches your videos what will make them come back and watch more your videos. In this lesson, I am going to offer specific tips, on branding. Create a brand identity on YouTube.

I just want to start some ground rules about think brand and identity on YouTube.

There are a lot of noises are out there on the internet. The first thing I want to encourage you.

Branding Tips.

  • Have a point of view: that has the point of view your videos. There are so many YouTube videos, out there. If you do not start with the strong point of view and identify where you coming from, I think that everything follows from there. If you do not have I am not sure where are you going with your video. So think about this. Where are you coming from? Once you understand your identity.
  • Be consistent in form and style: if you create a video. That has popups words. Coming up and for what you saying or certain types of music or editing.
  • Make connections: connect with the people with YouTube. Share your videos with others. Comments on other people videos.
  • Put out new stuff on the regular: this incredibly important both on YouTube and in web general. If someone likes our stuff. Then the user will come back and look forward. If you do not put anything for while. To stop and coming back and check. and that is the problem so be consistent putting new material.
  • Let yourself shine! At the end that is the best way to attract people. That really be your online audience.

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