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Using WordPress Revisions.


The WordPress revisions tool may come very handy. When you create a post in WordPress.

The application will automatically save different versions of that posts and you can use the revisions tool to back in forth in time and compare those different versions recover early versions.

If you choose to use WordPress as your primary content creations tool and you make frequent edit to posts before or after publishing them.

Or lift out content edit back into your post.

The revisions tool can be accessed either from the publishing panel you can see below image.

Publish options

Where it says I have 3 revisions.

You scroll down and see at your bottom of the screen. There are revisions panel at the bottom below the content. That shows you all the different revisions.

2 options

Either one of these will take you revisions panel. If I click here in publish panel on browse. I will go to revisions view, now, here see the post and you see what’s have changed. In current versions or previous one.

3 different revisions 2

4 different revisions history

I can analyze from colors and I can analyze from at top timing slider.

If you keep slider at the beginning, you can first go to revisions.

In the additions to see revisions like this, one after the other. I can also keep check apply on the comparison any two revisions. Which is located at the top right-hand side.

I can use the slider and see the comparison. This becomes very useful. Either when you have a lot of revisions.

Maybe you have been working on the article for a long-time or if you have more than one person working on the article at same the time.

That’s a way you can see the revisions between instance, one person, editing the article and other person editing the article and you can see what changes have been made.

If you find somethings in revisions.

With the revision tool, you are able to go back and find the stuff deleted. It is a very handy tool when your computer shuts down or you disconnected from the Internet while working on the post, as you saw lastly in the course.

Because WordPress autosaves your work as you move along when you disconnected you often get the message the saying there is the most of recent version of the post is available.

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