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Using Keywords.

Now time for Using Keywords, Search terms, in most popular for our business. Then we can use, terms that the develop our strategy, so, the first step to keyword research is brains storming as you relate to your category.


What of the top things you are looking for Using Keyword List.

So, I simply start from brainstorming is to look search suggestion from Google.

You get these going to google and conducting the search. So notice as I start to a specific word in the search box. Google is going to provide me some suggestions searches. that are popular.

It depends on the searcher which search words he chooses.

Entering here term which helps me, see some trends. During the search, you also note that when you enter a search term that many additional words are coming with search term either these words are used in front of our back.

Building & Using  Keywords List.

When we initially building a keyword list. You want to jump with the search engine or if, in terms of feedback for your specific product, you see the keyword is significant because the better you know the words that people are using find your products in your market.

keywords details

The more you can use the same words in other forms of marketing, you see its best form of market intelligence because you get into the mind the searchers and when you understand how they are searching for specific things.

You can use the same words in your ads buy, in your press releases, in your social media, you can track the success in analytics and use these things and pay per click.

The Keywords are the foundations of building blocks of any online marketing strategy and they also provide the market intelligence and information to even help with you offline marketing there are no other resources available that allow us to get them into the mind of the consumers like keywords.

The first things to do, go to your website/blog, and for the website/blog we are going to using course as you can see.

It is a website for any reason. So, first, we are going to do that look at the high-level list of courses which are offered.

Find here your course of:-

At a high level, these are our courses. This is we want to offer for a teaching course and get exposure in the search engines.

When you go to the search engine stared at high-level type your words like digital marketing.

 search keyword see

When you typed in what are you going to see.  It is going to be a sense the top level. Your competitions for the main idea and the main idea is computer education you can see the competitions shows up.

More about Using Keywords.

We are going to look at. Little more in-depth.

searching keyword 2nd part

It is the type of competitions that is there and why it shows up. The way it is doing. So, immediately to jump out to you.  Is the exact Using Keywords match of the phrase. That is typed into in search engine.

We typed in digital marketing.

We can result in the term we typed in is bolded. Every search engine does this, it helps us to bring process more quickly the information in the result, people tend to look more closely at the result the more bolded terms.

So, we can look and see how the competition is utilizing the exact phrases that we may want to position.

Now we go a little bit in-depth in detail.

 search results more options

That keyword phrase So, let’s see any word suppose computer education.  let’s see the keyword context of words surround that result.

We immediately see that might be the issue here is going to word computer education.

Because the with search engine showing is education the number one organic result that the first one after the shaded box or add the top ten education in any city or country.

So, immediately should be a big red flag in our keyword strategy we type in computer education but we see education showing up in the organic result.

That is the first step that understanding the types of competitions as well as words other sites are favouring and maybe words the search engines automatically putting together in terms of synonyms that alike this may be beneficial this may be a hindrance see the specific difference in some industries.

We can also get the sense of the order that people use in the search term and the order that is reflected with results if the search term is computer education, we can see first two in organic results near the specifically the new fix results make interchange computer education or may have some words in between the last result very interesting to you.

search result options

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