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Anatomy of a Uniform Resource Locator.

 Anatomy of a Uniform Resource Locator.

URL means Uniform Resource Locator. Web design is filled with the elements that just seems to feed into the background we use them over and over again to build sites.

URLs certainly fits in the category and if there is anyone part of web design they sadly overlooked its learning.


Although we tend to think of them as a single entity that is used for links or web addresses it actually made up several parts and the syntax use them helps to the server to determine what type of file you are looking for or where to find that file and also can pass along several optional parameters to the server.

Let’s start to examine by common Uniform Resource Locator and identifying different parts of it.

Open Mozilla or any Web Browser and type in than it navigates me to Home Page of, as you expect but takes a close look at this the first of link, is https:// know as a protocol, in this case, it tells the browser to use an https as protocol there are many protocols and you need to make sure that your Uniform Resource Locator is using the right protocol best on file which you are requesting.

Uniform Resource Locator

The second part of the link.

The forward slash, The forward slash is known as resource name is also made up of several parts.

Two forward slashes are for correct syntax only the resource name is identified by a series of the domain and separated by the period between them in this example that www is the subdomain and computertaleem is the domain name.

This is the name browser uses to check the webserver to see the sites exists or not and it’s here the domain server we talked about earlier come on to play and com is top-level domain this is a name server that your browser.

Uses the all the site you are requesting common top-level domains are com, org, edu that is by knowing means all of them in many cases that subdomain is no longer required which are you can also type just without the www still arrive on the same page.

Most web servers are now structuring redirect to default subdomain none of the provider given us freedom of not having to entire www your syntax, however, this is not always given creating your Uniform Resource Locator you should know whether this is allowed or not.

So what is Subdomain?

In the simple sense, just a folder your web contents are located on your web server most web servers serve multiple types of contents and subdomain allows server identifies unique sites or unique areas of Contents.

www has evolved as the subdomain most web contents when your upload your site your server as you publish it chances are looking for the www directory there are many subdomains sites www such as FTP or video fact server administration increase as many as domains they wish this could be theory almost anything.

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