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Understating Landing Pages Types

Understating Landing Pages Types.

In this lesson, we will learn and Understand Landing Pages types.  Every website has a goal. It could be distributed information, caption email address, or sell the product. There is the reason a putting effort in digital marketing. Your goal for your visitor to take some sort of actions after land on your website.


Now depending action on your audience, you have between 2 and 6 seconds convince them to stay once they arrive. What happens these visitors will click take a glance and bound your site if they are not interested.

I daily driving that traffic to the specific landing page. Having a specific destination.

Landing Page.

  • All to Reinforces decision to click
  • Grabs attention
  • Frames the information in the way helps you and your goal.

Now some new visitors arrive on your home page. That is ok.

But it is very important to note that to avoid campaigns that drive visitors to directly to your homepage. It is minimum conversion friendly page on your website.

The key making your website converted is to build goal specific landing pages. These landing pages come with few varieties. But I am going to focus on:

04 Most Common Types.

  1. Teaser pages.

  2. Squeeze pages.

  3. Viral pages.

  4. Infomercial pages.

These are all pages that you encounter as you browse the web.

1- Teaser Page.

The objective of the teaser page to give your visitors just enough information to get them to click through the next of your process.

1 Teaser Page

  • A teaser page gives visitors just enough information to get them to the next step of your process.
  • Teaser page is useful for products that nearing launch for creating excitement that you can convince the visitors to take in activities such as providing the email address or even pre-order.
  • You can also use these pages to tease out to any find leads. You have special products, select audience. You can leverage the teasing pages to ask the questions once step a time, slow reliving more about your product or offering depending upon the answering.

2- Squeeze Page.

A squeeze page to captures content and qualifying lead information. Typically, visitor exchanges their contact information.  The something moderate values.

2 Squeeze Page

  • Webinar.
  • eBook.
  • exclusively Discount.

The lead information can be simple as an email or complex as for or five qualifying questions. A good squeeze page keeps massage above the fold, stays on the target and have a strong value to be affected.

Pre-order you’re signed.

  • Copy today!
  • Enter your name.
  • Enter your email.

3- Viral Page.

The goal of this viral landing page invites your customers to enlist their friends. You might have rewards, that earn through of share for example: for each friend who signs up. You get $5 credit.

3 Viral landing Page

Your viral landing page might include funny videos or infographic.

Tell your friends, earn FREE points.

You might have the reward that earns through the number of shares.  For example, each friend who signs up. You get $5- credit. Your viral landing page includes funny video or for infographics.

4- The Infomercial pages.

These are typically designed same styles the infomercial you see on tv. The ideas of one page, typically a long page and you share all information about the product, what it is. How works, it’s benefits, testimonials, and special offer if you buy today.

The infomercial page provides all the information about your product and includes a special offer.

Infomercial pages are effective driving sells for certain products and typically used for affiliate marketers. When running a large campaign.

To build your landing page select the right type and focus on these 05 things.

  1. Define the goal. (what needs to happen).
  2. Specify the information you need to accomplish the goal. (what information user do you need to accomplish the goal. their email, phone number, credit card).
  3. Outline what the user needs to do. (outline with user needs to do to fill the forms, invite the friends and so on).
  4. Determine the user’s shared value. (what information does user need to be convinced what is shared value them).
  5. Track the results. (finally how to track your result ).

It makes sure landing page has followings:

  • Logo.
  • Explanation of the offer.
  • Compelling Headline.
  • Related Testimonial.
  • Links to Reviews.
  • Along with strong Call to action.

After building your landing pages or already pages on your site. If you have already pages on your site executing these goals. It is important to continuously improve them. Once someone starting click on your link maybe fills out the first page.

Fixing conversions can increase revenue without increasing traffic.

So, Keeping on your landing pages concise.

Make sure that you Include:

  • Email policy.
  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • Contact information.

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