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Understanding WordPress Website Login.

In this article, we will understand the WordPress Website Login. Your WordPress website has two faces. The first is forward face site, which your visitor sees when they go to your commonly referred to the front end and the second face is password protected backward face that you can access any time when you want to create new content or otherwise you manage your site.


 It is commonly referred to as a backed or admin panel.

Accessing your front-end site is to enter the site URL of the address bar of your browser you can see at below image.

WordPress Website Login.

When you will type above address of your website then you will see the below image.

WordPress Website Login Page

In your site ( you can place your domain which you have allotted by web hosting company.

Accessing your backward site. Requires going to log in page and entering your username and password.

To get the login page of any WordPress site.

Open your web browser.

Type website name in my case I type here after giving the main URL of your site then type give forward-slash than wp-admin.

Then hit enter.  From the login page. You can do a couple of things. Either you enter your username and password and can apply on the checkbox where it is written Remember me.

If you have forgotten your password then you can recover by giving your email address when you click on lost your password option.

Before continue I just want to bring a small point if you go online you find people saying leaving the login page open like username and password.

You keep that it is a security risk. So, I advise you do not leave it with username and password. So, remove the checkbox from Remember me.

The login page as secure as your username and password is. As well as you have a strong password as your site is strong and fine. That is end now let’s log into WordPress and see that what we can get in backend

Click on the login button.

If everything goes correctly you should be in WordPress Back end and see the Dashboard.

You will see the below Image.

dashboard page 


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