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Understanding the WordPress Admin Panel.

When you log in to your WordPress site for the first time, you make with the dashboard which is landing view for the WordPress admin panel. This view provides you with a quick welcome message. At the top, you started.


welcome to wordpress WordPress admin panel

If you do not want to see it. Just click on the dismiss button which is available on the right-hand side of the screen.

Followed by an overview of your own site and so more useful external links. If this is the first time.

You log in you see that like my site really is not much this view yet. As we forward with the core you see the more information here including posts and pages you can see as the following the image.

at glance in WordPress admin panel

Also, comment on moderation.

3 comment

The WordPress admin panel consists of 03 main components.

1-WordPress Toolbar.

WordPress Toolbar

You see at the top here. I will talk about it in the next movie.

2-Admin Menu.

5 dashboard of wp WordPress admin panel

Which is available on the left-hand side of the screen.

The main admin area has the majority of area work.

6 dashboard of wp full page

The admin menu is separated into the main sections.

3-The Dashboard Section.

7 Dashboard Section

Where you access Dashboard. Application update and some plugins activated features.

Content Management Section where you manage to create and manage posts and pages, media items, comments, another activate features like form submissions.

8 posts and pages

Finally, the site administration action where you can configure among other things, the appearance of your site. Plugins, users, tools, and overall setting.

9 apperance and others

When you hover over on each available button, you see many of them have further flyout menu used with more options.

Once the main menu is selected. Just like appearance, these options will be available in the menu under that option.

10 themes

 You also now the collapse menu button which is available at the bottom of the menu which allows to you hide or show the main menu and provide more space when you work.

11 collapse

12 collapse menu other part

Meaning on the smaller screens. If it collapses to the left and moves up to the top. Behind the Hemberg icon.

13 Hemberg icon

When you click on that button it will be to remain accessible on all types of sub-devices.

As you already have seen the main admin area you changing what item you are choosing in the admin menu. Throughout this course we will be going through most of these use and detail so, just for now I just draw your attention to customization options are available here.

WordPress Admin Panel.

Each of the main admin areas views consisting of a series of the panel in two columns grids.  This layout is fully customizable for each user on the site.

You can collapse any panel by toggle button which is available on the right-hand side corner.

14 collapse any panel by toggle

You can also move the panel just by dragging and dropping to a new location.

15 move the panel

More importantly, you should use these panels. We toggled on and off. Using the screen options features found at the right-hand cornerUnderstanding WordPress admin panel

When you open the screen options of the panel.   You see the list of all available the panels for the specific view you on and you can toggle each of them. On and off by your choice.

This also means. If you see something on my screen that cannot be visible on your screen. The first look is under screen options. Chances are just hidden in your view.

Finally, on the right-hand side at the top, every view where is help button. There is contextual help whatever you are currently on. Where you find quick answers as well as links further readings. Or in WordPress codex the WordPress handbook. Or in the WordPress support forum.

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