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Understanding the Function of Search Engine.

In this article, you will Understand the Function of the search engine. Whether you make up a new web page of your website or your web page is just climbing up falling down the ranking in different search terms.

What is the search engine is doing and manage where your website sits in ranks of billions of other pages, buying same task spot.

The primary technology of the company is search

Google, Yahoo, Bing, all about taking the word or phrase searching for finding all the relevant contents and ranking is based on quality and relevance.

Though no one else outside the companies knows the exact algorithm that uses to analyze the web pages. We do know the general concepts.

Understanding the Function of Search Engine.

03 Steps are involved in Function of the Search Engine.

  1. Crawling.
  2. Indexing.
  3. Ranking.

 seo three steps Function of search engine

Search engine begins by crawling the websites.

Google for example:

Google sends google bots also known as bot or spiders they travel around your pages and report back to headquarter with web site details processing.

The search engine then indexes your website based on details, using the none just complicated algorithm to distinguish which search pages, in which words or phrases being searched to connect with your site.

For example, New York Time may index the terms like breaking news or world news, the trick, however, is that no one knows exactly how these spiders analyze web copy.

So, How Search Engine do Function?

Whether you make your new page for your website or your web page is climbing up or falling down to different searching terms.

What is searching is doing and where your website sits in ranks with billions with other pages top spot primary technology is search Google, Yahoo, Bing all of the getting the words, phrases finding all relevant contents and ranking it on best quality and relevance.

  • Crawling:
  • Web spiders are computer programs that browse the web and index website.


Search engine than index your web pages based on details. Using complicated algorithm distinguish that which search pages the and which words and phrases are being searched to connect your site.

The trick, however, no one knows exactly how these spiders and analyze web copy.

For example, your website has this text (following)

It’s wild, dog-eat-dog world out there and Duane “Dog” Chapman represents an ironic success in the bounty hunting business.

The first thing spider will do, to cut out the punctuation, and capitalize.

This is called tokenizing.

At least your text looks like this.

text look

Next spiders filled out stops words. Who has not semantic meaning to sentence?

This is called filtering.

Your text looks something like this.

3 text look 2

The last spider will do all of the words the most basic root stands, calls it stemming.

This text looks like this.

4 text look 3

This is level of contents the keywords the spider analyzes in order to appropriate indexing

The last piece of is search engine the rank of your website. It against another website index on same search pages.

Google takes consideration of more than 200 factors when it is ranking. The most important is inbound links.

Inbound links bring ranking (inbound links means links from another website they point to back your site )

In addition to linking search engine consider site age of great importance. When ranking your site.

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