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Understanding SEO Techniques.

In this lesson, we will learn SEO techniques. Which are used commonly and it is very important to understand these two techniques.


As with any manufacturing as large as SEO, you’ll get many different opinions about the most real ways to approach site optimization.

There are two SEO techniques are used in Search Engine optimization. We will go over two SEO techniques.

There are:

  1. White Hat SEO.
  2. Black Hat SEO.

1 black hat and white

White Hat SEO.

In search engine optimization (SEO) language, white hat SEO means to the practice of optimization plans, methods and strategies that emphasis on a human audience different to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.

White hat SEO is referring to the good practice or proved methods to achieve improved ranking specifically white SEO complies with current search engine guidelines.

White hat SEO means. you have to follow search engine rules and guides to long term to get user/traffic using correct techniques.

In search engine optimization (SEO) lingo, black hat SEO states to the use of violent SEO policies, procedures and strategies that emphasis only on search engines and not a human spectator, and usually do not follow search engine rules.

Black Hat SEO.

In SEO Black hat term is used to describe the efforts to improve rankings in search engines but going to against the current google guides lines

White hat SEO differences with black hat SEO, which contains unfair and/or misleading approaches of trying to improve a website’s search results ranking.

Black hat means use those techniques where the search engine has announced illegal or wrong steps.

In the rest of the series, we will go with white hat SEO going with compliance with the rules of Google.

Advantages of using White Hat SEO Techniques.

  1. Free from Penalty: it means Google will not apply any kind of penalty.
  2. Less Expensive: This means you have not to need to buy software, which is used in Black hat SEO.
  3. Healthy Website Ranking: by using White hat SEO Techniques you will get good and healthy website rank.
  4. It Will Not Stain Your Status: it will not hurt your brand and company’s status.

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