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Understanding Screencast Ideas

Understanding Screencast Ideas.

If you start using e-learning software and screencasting tools to create your output share with the world. It is good idea that have a plan in mind, let’s look Screencast Ideas, when comes to design of your screencast from e-learning prospective, regardless of software you choose.

Screencast Ideas

  • Needs analysis and target audience before you think about screencast or course design, you should have good Screencast ideas for your target audience or what the needs of you such as filling the gap and official knowledge and specific skills.
  • The next piece of the design process is to deciding on the learning objective. This allows you to define the learning out come for example: after your watching screencast off course people be able to memorize the steps and procedures. Or will be able to performance those steps.
  • Next, come to sequences of your screencast off course. The ordering which learning objectives give the sequence is important success of your screencast. I would like pre-requisite in many of my courses teaching first those skills that seems to be pre-requisite to others skills follow there are others sequences methods like job oriented method.

Screencast Design.

  • When to time to create your screencast, you should take a time to plan how is going to tackle audio portion. Such as narration or voice over the way you plan for narration that will depend on lever of your comfort in font of mike. For those who know subject well in comfort speaking well microphone.
    • The on the fly method convert fine but remembering everything needs to be shown and said be difficult.
    • Using an outline narration can leave some of the stress recording fly. Typically the video and audio portions of the screencast recorded drastically and merge to gather. After the fact after recording the video you than record the audio while the reviewing the video and your outline making points as living as needed.
    • Using full scripts this method takes most work and time but best for those. Who are comfortable in front of mic and for remembering everything that  needs to be said. Like with outline narrations it is best to record the audio while reviewing the video and trying to match up the narration to the action on the screen close to possible. This can limit the editing necessary after the fact.

Once you have good design and plan for your screencast this time to get work with tools of your choice.

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