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  Potential Customers.

understanding Potential-Customers

At this stage, we understand our goals and our product Now we will understand potential customers.

But it would be unused of time to follow the wrong audience.

The greatest audience is one that wants your category of product.

The viewers that are looking for dog grooming, for example, might not be the same audience that’s watching for cat grooming.

When I start any advertising endeavour, outline the type of customer that should be made and targeting, specific to the product you can do this by creating descriptive personas.

There’s a lot of ways that you can go about deciphering the personas of your users. If you’ve got a present customer base, you can conduct surveys and mine your data for patterns.

But if you’re just starting out, you’ll have to make some educated assumptions. To do that, let’s start with a simple exercise.

Now We’re going to sketch three desired or typical customers of yours.

So, take a piece of paper, and then close your eyes and picture three different customers relating to your product.

Now, for the Potential Customers write down the three names that first come to your mind when you get their faces.

1 persona exercise of Potential Customers

Next, describe each person at a broad level. How old are they?

Think about gender & also about their education do they have?

Next, write down some job facts about them.

2 career facts about Potential Customers

  Potential Customers.

What is their profession?

 How long have they been working there? and is their career motivating them to use or need your product?

From here, let’s talk about the technical qualities of this customer.

3 technical traits

  • What technology do they use daily?
  • How do they access the web?
  • How much time are they spending on the internet?

 Next, you’ll write a short biography for each of these people.

4 short bio

You could also pretend that you’re introducing them to a friend.

What would you say? What things will you highlight?

So, at this point, you’ve got a rough sketch of these people. But you’ll want to take it even further and put yourself in their shoes.

 Assume their uniqueness, see their day-to-day, and then answer these four questions.

5 persona exercise

  1. What are they motivated by?
  2. Where do they spend most of their time?
  3. Why are they interested in your product,
  4. and what will convince them to buy?

Here’s an example of a persona I have created so you can get a sense of what you’re trying to do. Here I’ve given my persona a name, Mark. He’s a male, years old with a graduate degree.

6 persona example

For career facts, I’ve identified that he’s an orthodontist, he’s been doing this for years and he needs this product for the work that he does. As far as technology’s concerned, he’s on an iPhone as well as a desktop.

 He’s predominantly a mobile user, and he’s online roughly four hours per day but in the evenings.

For a biography, I wrote Mark is a young professional who really enjoys technology.

7 bio eample 2

He’s an entrepreneur as he runs his own business. He is sceptical about most things and is motivated by recommendations from other colleagues or professional sources.

The bio really helps me begin to shape how I’m going to target to this persona.

Now Mark would be associated to a particular product, so as we go through our advertising, I’ll have my product set up and then when I go about targeting, I’ll look at these personas and make sure that my targeting makes sense for this person, as well as the ad text, as the copy helps solve their problems.

In this case, I’ve identified that this persona is sceptical, so I might include reviews from other colleagues or links that show professional resources on my landing page.

At the end of this exercise, you should have some very clear personas.

Create a persona for each product, as this will help you begin to create refined targeting for your advertising campaigns.

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