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Understanding Edmodo LMS

Understanding Edmodo LMS.

Edmodo is the LMS that is designed exclusively with need of teachers and students with the K-12 market in the mind.


Which we are looking at second. It is designed for K-12 education. It has graphic interface and way its setup is very easy for younger students and the number of students can navigate.

1.       Best Use.

Because the best use of Edmodo that can be K-12 market.

2.       Cost.

Free, best of all, it is free. Teachers and student can log on.

3.       Learning to Use.

Easy, It is also very easy to use. I have said already before the program like Facebook class room. Students have ability to creates profile. They can post general class room. It gives to ability to teacher two things such as moderate comments and post that students will how to appropriate can communication with class room. And there is something appropriate the teacher has chance to remove it from the wall. Before others students see it.

4.       Features and Options.

There is also fairly adequate options available because of this is designed entirely K-12 Market. There are few features that would make appropriate for cooperate learning.

5.       Sell Content.

Edmodo does not give you the ability for see the content. It’s so purpose to create collaborate online spaces for teachers and students educator to meet.

Unique Features.

When you come to unique features of Edmodo the first thing which is really important for the K-12 market that student do not need email address to get started most learning management system that use student email address as the unique identify particular learner with Edmodo you can students have signed up simply by giving the class room code.

There is also community resources sharing features that means that the teachers you logged into the side at Edmodo you have an opportunity that network teachers might teach similar content. This allow you to see the what other teachers using the Edmodo form.

Even share the resources directly online. For the students that “Student Backspace” for students can upload and saving files.  This is great students are working let’s say students use computer lab or laptop and next day may be on different computer students can take projects that they are work on.

Upload the students backpack and on the next day when they get started log back to Edmodo download the projects and keep working. There is also integrated working badge system. This makes giving students feedback and students world is very easy. Because this build directly LMS. Once I believe that Edmodo is perfect for K-12 Market. But the design feed features as well as functionality it may be chance to implement at the college and cooperate at training levels.

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