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Understanding Desire2learn LMS

Understanding  Desire2learn LMS.

Desire2learn often refer to as D2L. It is learning management system and great job additional features into the LMS self. For example: desire2learn first LMS to integrated video feed back and video massaging as standard option for all users.


1.       Best use.

Desire2learn has the best usage for K-12 or college education situation. Now I say K-12 or college can also see this LMS would be very clickable to cooperate learning environment. Typically, when learn to be a set and assessment need be tracked. So, this LMS  can be used this environment.

2.       Cost.

The cost for this LMS varies based on organization size. As well as hosting.  You choose whether desire2learn host installation or you choose self-hosted version.

3.       Learning to Use.

learning to user is actually moderately hard.

They administrative setup feature takes some time. How to setup everything and because of the largest amount customization the individual teachers and students can do. We can take some time. Make your classes look exactly where you want to appear into desire2learn. That has been said that it is positive. This LMS gives to instructor a lot of control over to the look class.

4.       Features and options.

It has a lot of features and options both teachers and students. As well as teachers which make the great choice for K-12 and higher education markets.

5.       Sell content.

No, unfortunately this LMS does not allow to sell the content directly on the website. Once again that is not mean you cannot charge to students for class it just means you need additional system to handle just a thing bill in.

Unique Features.

A few things you need for desire2learn it has flexible hosting options. Once again if you do not have the time for your own server with your own security you can choose the half side of directly on the desire2learn.

This LMS also has a large quantity of plug-ins. This allow to you to intergrade content directly inside the LMS. As I have already mentioned that instructor can customize of course including background means custom menus even way the fonts. both teachers and users can use desire2learn quickly add video messages. This is a great grading tool getting students quick feedback about paper and assignment and message that easy to understand it has also great feature to educator to give live feedback.

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