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Understanding Data Analytics Basics.

Understanding Data Analytics Basics.

Understating Data Analytics Basic is very essential when the data is collected on your website. Your campaign and your social media efforts will determine your overall health in your digital marketing.


Data is your map.

The data you gather will control the success of your digital marketing.

You are using your data analytics to improve your experience and listen, untapped opportunity and pull the plug 

  • Improve your experience.
  • Find new opportunities.
  • Discontinue failing ideas.

The amazing thing with digital marketing that we can track just about every action you take. There is the number of tools is available. That supports marketers know both qualitative and quantitate we can track what’s happening now even model what’s like to happen in future.

Let’s take dig a little bit deeper. Measuring Data. By looking at how we can capture data with three media.

Measuring Data analytics.

  • Paid.
  • Owned.
  • Earned.

So the easiest way to start is with your own website. Here you can track how many visitors. Where they come from pages are being visited. How long they stayed and even what’s page left from. By reviewing your data analytics, you get the sense that how are you found your site. If they finding what they want if your advertising objectives driving meaningful amount of traffic.

Resource like Google analytics, you install the tracking code. On every page of your website. From there you have goal mind of data. Leverage, segment.

Measuring Data analytics on your Website.

  • The number of visitors.
  • Location of visitors.
  • Individual page visits.
  • Visit duration.
  • Abandonment page.

For example: if you made changes in your website design notice that on that day traffic drops dramatically. You will have sense and where to start looking for the problem. If you are the role on over landing page. You might see the increasing conversation. Resulting from that specific page.

data analytics picture

Or you see a sudden traffic and by drilling to it identifying the source. (social media post) or an online blog.

Now your paid data analytics typically tied to your reporting platform provided the tools by you to runs those ads, this data is extremely useful and can give you granulate detail which ads are working what targeting make sense and more, however, you want to track much data as you can the other tracking tool.

Independent provider this way you can check the accuracy and value thing from different prospects.

This is important more often is not the way Your platform report conversation has differed than your report them and this works by installing small pixels on your conversation page. Which informs to the platforms that the sale happens.

Track as much data as possible.

Track as much data as possible.

So, we have the advertisement on Facebook for example: driving your traffic on to your landing page. You want to use campaign tracking page.


tracking page

Goal tracked by google analytics and the Facebook advertisement dashboard Simultaneously. This way you can compare the data identified by Discrepancies and test if your conversation pixels is actually working.

More detail for Google Analytics.

Measuring earned media.

Now The final part of measurement we come from earned media and this one is typically most difficult here your outcomes are necessary and determine by spent but how interesting to the people think your products or services are.

Here your tracing things like social media fans base.

Social Media Fans.

  • Mentions.
  • Interactions tweets.
  • Video views on videos.

You may have many dashboards. But you collect data and you want to look at data alongside all other advertising.

The best way to measure the results with earned media.

Create your personal goals and objectives to measure against.

The example you decide 10 thousand Facebook fans will increase your revenue potential by thousand dollars than you can track how trading those goals and the efforts investigating.

There is an endless amount of data provider out there. Investigate them against your needs, and keep system and place provide you with the necessary check and balances.

Understand How Data Analytics Work?

I find understanding your data become easier and more expressive that you understand the pieces data collection possible.

Every action you take on the web it is tracked on the way and other. The pages you view and files your download even demographic and interest data be recorded.

Data is captured by the Cookies and pixels.

  • Cookies.
  • Tracking pixels.

A cookie is a minor file that a website stores on your computer. This file might contain the pages you visited and when a unique identifier and even if you are authorized to view certain logged in contents.

Typically, cookies do not have much-identifying information the website itself stores own corresponds file and matches cookies ids to records on the servers and this is useful knowing the whether visitors are returning second time how long between visits and even what advertisement they clicked into.

Speaking of advertising ads platforms such as Facebook ads or Google AdSense use cookies to identify the same user as browse the web. So, you might see ads from Google and network times and other ads from you are browsing the food blog.

As you continued to browse the web and load the advertisement from same publishers they see the list types of sites you visit and how you interact with these ads. This information can then be used sells ads. Likely to engaged with.

So, beyond the cookies, we have Tracking Pixel.

Tracking pixels.

  • Beyond the cookies, we have also tracing pixels and the Stores information on your web server, not on the computer.
  • A pixel just uses a 1×1 transparent image and you often see the user convert to visit after particular ads.

Here how it works?

A server stores small files called pixel.gif, and every time server asks to the file it is going to log request.

Now just asking the pixel.gif, we instead add custom variables for the request.

The server successfully delivering the image. Because extra text is relevant the user does not want to see any issue. But it does keep a log unique URL and use those variables. Then match that transaction back to a particular user or advertiser event the put another way lets you quickly add the movie ticket as soon as you click you are receiving a cookie.

The cookie includes the information on the time. Where you clicked banner was clicked and so on. Now, this point the advertising platform knows the ads receive impressions and clicks but has no record of sell. Now let us say continued on and buy those tickets on confirmation page website is going to read the cookie than on your computer. Pull the information from it and send them back to the server conversation pixels and now advertising platform connects with dots and indicates sell for that ads.

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