Understanding Affiliate Types.

Understanding Affiliate Types.

In this lesson, we will study the different affiliates types and the marketing methods that they use, in the previous lesson, we learned that the affiliate marketing is not a channel. In fact, when we come to affiliate types. We will look ten types of affiliates and in alphabetical order.

 Affiliate Types

Type No. 1 Content Publishers.

  • In affiliate types the number one is the content publisher, this is the type of affiliate depends on content saturated websites.
  • self-authored or user-created content like forums.

They Monetize sites with affiliate links, Banners, widgets, text links, product links etc.

For example: let’s jump to photography school website.


It is niche content website, which monetizes through affiliate links.

In Every post, you get the camera link through affiliate link which will lead to us, Amazon store, and should sale happen it is digital photography school that will get affiliate commissions.

Type No. 2  Coupon Affiliate. (Coupon and Deals).

This type relies on human psychology of trying to find a product at a discounted price. If possible.

The classic example of would be a couponcabin.com.

If we go http://www.couponcabin.com and click the coupon tabs, we will see that they sort, coupon by the expiring by soon and by sale, free shipping, free biz, even printable and grocery coupons, this is famous coupons affiliates website.

Type No. 3 Data Feed Affiliates.

The 3rd type of affiliates would be affiliates that employee’s data feeds, as well as comparison shopping engines.

The whole segment of affiliates it focuses on merchant product feeds, they work with them, putting the together useful website, like thefind.com for example:

If we go to thefind.com and search for any product, for example, I type here engagement ring it shows up engagement rings from the store, with its works, through affiliate programs, you will see that there are amazon.com and others jewelry on this page all of these be linked through affiliates links.

Type No. 4 Display Ads.

This type is most usable in affiliate types for promoting Advertisers Using Display Advertising, display ads also frequency used by affiliates.

They would promote the advertisers placing affiliates links, banners, instead of regular display ads and rotations. This also would include re-targeting or example will come to bizsugar.com.

Here on this website, that you will see, plenty of banners, every one of these, on the particular page, is linked through the affiliates, link.

Type No. 5  Email Affiliates.

Email affiliates these would be affiliates market via email and this would also include remarketing as in the case of upsellit.com.

Now I am here on that website, that the email remarketing sections whether to say email marketing solutions increase conversions, by allowing to business to collect leads from visitors, that the abandoned page the conversion process they collect email and then are able to re-market to these prospects.

Type No. 6 Loyalty and Incentives.

These affiliates would facilitate the desired and user actions by offering them and incentives say cash back, points, virtual currency, etc.

They will re-share at the part of payout, a part of payment received from the merchant there is the example of cash back comes from bigcrums.com.

See how it has been described processes in three steps, where you create an account when you shop through one of the links they provide and purchase get credit your background accounts, you get the listed cashback rate a famous cash back from the UK is topcashback.co.uk.

Type No. 7  the Mobile and Pay Per Call.

Affiliate focused on either mobile marketing or pay per call marketing a getting specifically.

They frequently bridge the gap the between online and offline.

Intertwine with location-based marketing.

Type No. 8  Search Engine Marketing.

Where affiliate Employ SEM To Drive Conversions.

SEO. PPC. Or Both.

They employee SEM to drive conversations to advertisers or examples: from imwave.com read from their website, they build and manage, and finds search marketing campaigns paid search campaigns and sells and leads, get tracked through the third party tracking system. As we know would be affiliate networks or any affiliate platform and thirdly client pays the sale and leads generated, by this page search affiliate.

Type No. 9  the Social Media Affiliates.

From forums, blogs, to leverage existing social networks, to creating social networks, these affiliates would use, social media to market the merchant that they promote.

Let’s us jump on skumatic.com.

The affiliates Powers of many   Facebook stores, when you scroll down, you can see any website suppose I click on jewelry.com it will have opened.

The Facebook powers the jewelry they receive the commission on jewelry.com following something through the Facebook store.

10 Video Affiliates.

The video affiliate is last in Affiliate Types.  These affiliates rely on video inventive. Which is known yield 29% higher dwell rate and 45% higher conversion rate? These could be used through affiliate networks, like ShareASale or call video performance network that allows affiliates, to monetize videos, of tools like Vcubics our example: come from ShareASale network specific affiliates submit affiliate program from the affiliate network.

If we go to ShareASale clicking on links tabs, and selecting video pulling them affiliate submit videos, we go to preview and get also HTML code, and why go to affiliates submit video my embed  on the website by clicking on right click select and copy and paste it where you want to keep on your website, every time when end user will click on it our cookies will get set, and should anyone buying affiliate pass and we get the commission.

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