Understanding Affiliate Platforms.

Understanding Affiliate Platforms

In this lesson, we will look different affiliate platforms, there are basically two types of affiliate platforms.

Affiliate Platforms

  1. Affiliate Networks.
  2. In-House Platforms.

Affiliate Network.

Affiliate network or essentially mediator connecting affiliates with affiliate programs providing tracking, reporting, and maintenance services both to merchants meaning to those who under affiliate programming these platforms and to the affiliates.

In merchant’s relationships affiliates networks are also once who pay to affiliates, how to think you aggregated payments cross different programs streamlining to the payments process for both parties involved here is the key affiliates networks that operating from the US now a day.

These are the most famous networks in Affiliate marketing that are used.

  • Affiliate Window.
  • CJ By Conversant is formally known as commission junctions.
  • eBay Enterprise affiliate network.
  • Rakuten LinkShare.
  • ShareASale.
  • WebGains.

 In-House Platforms.

  • Impact Radius.
  • CAKE.
  • Clicklnc.
  • HasOffers.
  • Performance.
  • Horizon Group.
  • Post Affiliate Pro.
  • Proprietary solutions.

Some merchants run their In-house based affiliates programs on Proprietary solutions such as Amazon their amazon associates programs or eBay with their eBay partner network or group on.

Should you prefer network-based program over “indie”.

It depends, as I have mentioned earlier working with merchant through affiliate networks is more convenient can especially beginning affiliate, it is more convenient usually the ability to aggregate payments across new murres  of affiliate programs also cross the board reporting is good to have if however than niche use to choose work in just if I joining In-house based affiliate programs defiantly go for it, with joints likes Amazon and eBay reliability should not be a  problem with small merchants take it easy before you  one 100% certain  you want   burdened self.

For most affiliates, however, it does not either or question but “both…and …” situation is joining both networks and indies allow working with larger numbers relevant merchants.

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