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Understanding Affiliate Earnings.

Understanding Affiliate Earnings.

Now let’s look Affiliate Earnings related considerations we will look at these following questions.

  • How much do affiliates make?
  • How once can forecast future affiliate earnings?
  • What About Passive Income?

affiliate earnings

let’s start.

In 2013 a famous Australian blogger, author, speaker, Darren Rose. Who is also knows as pro-blogger put together very interesting post? Who was celebrating his 10 years with Amazon associates programs?

Which we know Amazon’s affiliate program and can create his ultimate guide making money with Amazon affiliate marketing program post.

Where he disclosed his earnings to US $, as an Amazon affiliate over the course of his 10 years with them.

In April 2013 he wrote that he estimated his amazon earnings since 2003, around the $40020 thousand-dollars mark. Although you can see the bulk of it has been in last 5/6 years.

Income from Affiliate Marketing (you can see some following income examples).

  • 9%-  (Less Than $5.000).
  • 8%-  ($5.000 To $9-999).
  • 1%- ($10.000 To $24.999).
  • 2%- ($50.000 To $99.999).

Noted: Above figure depends on the yearly basis.

Between offset numbers and pro bloggers examples, you should get a good idea what affiliates earn.

Affiliate marketing may end up being anything from your casual earnings to substantial income. However, Don’t set the wrong expectations l t often takes time and substantial effort to start Earning Good Money in affiliate marketing.

Forecast Earnings.

How one can forecast affiliate earnings. Quantitively you can get an idea what to expect while the accuracy leaves projection will always, a number of programs, specific metrics as well as how exactly you are going to market, merchants on your website.

There is A number of variables to consider staring out affiliate. It would be the metrics that will tell you. How will your website do with affiliate marketing?

Consider following 05.

  • Click- Through Rate (CTR).

It will Dependent on how targeted your traffic is and the type of linking you’ll be using (banners, text links, product link, reviews, videos).

  • Conversion Rate (CR).

Percentage of Affiliate Traffic That Converts to the desired action, or percentage of affiliate traffic referred to the merchant website that converts to the desired action. That will be a sell or lead that you have been paid for.

  • Average Order Values (AOV ).

Average affiliate –referred ticket: It means that referred ticked is calculated with some totals. Which all affiliate generates those orders and those orders referred given the period of time and then divided by the number of orders.

  • Payout

Commission or Flat Amount Per Sale Lead: will discuss the various options later but for our example here. Use the percentage of the order value.

  • Reversal Rate (RR):  Percentage of affiliate –referred transactions that get reversed by the merchant.

Whenever it is available at on AvantLink – Affiliate Marketing Platform, ShareASale affiliate networks. This is the percentage of the affiliate. It refers transaction that gets reversed by the merchant.

Then you also want to use Earnings Per Click (EPC). The metric that tells you what other affiliates are already making on this program or the matric which is frequently tied to 100 clicks as we also doing further calculations and it is disclosed for most affiliate programs even priority you are joining them. It tells you what others affiliates are already making on this program and you can use these metrics to compare to your personal projections with the actual average EPC registered with the programming.

Example Forecast.

The publisher will some 200,000-page views, per month, picking a real affiliate program that pays 12% commission to all sells and principles very close niche match between affiliate and merchant we arrive at the following calculations.

There 200,000-page views, per month, multiplied by 1% click-through rate, it would result from 2,000 visitors in the month.

These 2,000 clicks or visitors multiplied by 5% conversation rate which is assumptions are here would result in 100 sells in the month. The earning these one 100 sells would average 125$ per tickets. Multiplied by 12% commissions, deducting the 10% reversal rate (RR) would result in 1,350% monthly earnings.


Traffic/Clicks 200.000 –  1% (CTR)=2000.

Sales 2000   – 5%(CR) =100.

Earnings; 100 – $ 125 (AOV) 12%.

(Commission   – 10% (RR) =$ 1.350.

Then we compare our personal projected EPC to the programs publicly reported average EPC. And this scenario it would take.

$1.350/ (number of visitors.) which is 2000=and arrive at $0.675/per Click or $ 67.50 Per 100 Clicks.

Comparing are projected EPC figure actually EPC which was $60 dollars we see we are not that far off and our all projections must be sufficient applause able.

Finally, the word of warning, Remember that things will differ extremely from merchant to merchant so take it relaxed particularly when investment involves not the full victim of your incorrect projections.

Passive Income.

Now let’s discuss Passive Income you certainly hear this phrase often.  However, if a Passive Income you expect fully automatic earnings they do not require ongoing involvement I have to disappoint you.  You may indeed automate many things as the affiliate.

It is not Possible To Build a 100% Secure Passive Income Stream.  You will have to put,   Time and effort into it to keep it with the things and keep success.

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