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Two Factor Authentications

Two Factor Authentications.

In addition, to limit the number of time that someone can try to guess the password on the login page on your WordPress site, it also is a good idea to add some additional security barriers like Two Factor Authentications for your WordPress site.


That’s the good reason for this and I am sure you have heard the news stealing password has become big business for malicious people for the web.

Two Factor Authentications.

That is also the case WordPress site. So, to set all sites secure to be the social media sites or email sites anything else adding another level of authentication become in common and you can do with WordPress too.

We look at the login panel regular WordPress site you really do not have much authentication. You have a username and password. if you can match the username and password you get logged in also you can easily add another level of authentication to your site through a plugin and most secure the way doing that adding by the known as the Two Factor Authentications.

Basically, you need to have two different things to place to log in.

  1. Username and password.
  2. Another one is some sort of other device be accessing the email or smartphone or something else.

The solution I like to use is called Google authenticator this is a free service which comes with Google and it allows you to tie website or anything else to the app on your phone and then we want to log in to the website or whatever you have tied google authenticate too you need to not only enter your username and password.

But also enter cycling key which appears on your smartphone at that moment that way in addition to having username and password you have to have the physical phone to be log in to your site without access my phone you simply will not get the access to the site what looks like.

You see in the above image there is username and password and the third field is Google Authentication Code.

When I log in I need to enter username, password and open my phone go to Google Authentication App and get the current code and enter within a minute after the minute I will be logged in.

Google Authentication.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

You research above all options which I have told and found out which is good for you.

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