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Tips for video Recording Yourself.

Camtasia Successful Video Recording Tips and Tricks.

In this lesson, we will learn the Tips for video Recording Yourself.  When you prepare the recorded screencast there is not one right or wrong way order to prepare. It depends on your particular situation in this lesson, we step through a couple of different methods that you can use that may help you improve the quality of your screencast.

Tips for video Recording Yourself

1- Preparing to Record.

1 Preparing to Record

  • The first step is to understand in Video Recording Tips is How to Prepare Recording.
  • Now the most basic way to prepare is simply to open the application. Which you may be showing on the screen that you want to record and simply step through each of different menu and different processes that you are going to be using throughout the training.
  • Make sure that you are familiar with all items and what they are called. Everything on your screen has a specific name and make sure that you learn with name and each of the different items that you are going to click on and how to describe them.
  • The next level of preparation that you want to do is go ahead and draft out the formal table of contents in this case if I am recording the series of movies.
  • How a master of research I may have one particular movie called working with tabs this way we will have a better idea that how a particular movie fit in the overall context of entire work.
  • Once you have an idea of how your movie fit in the overall project that you are going to the recording for.
  • The next step is we would be the draft outline of your particular movie.
  • Now, this is my favourite way to work. when I prepare the record the movie than I typically script out first and last line that I am going to use the part of the movie and create the bullets points in between each of the key points.
  • That I want to hit during the movie by doing this I may get able myself stared in the movie and then I can hit all key points I need to and I may be having the last line scripted trying to get to and I know how to get myself out of the movie.
  • Sometimes simple know the substitute for fully scripting out a movie to do this all you need to do is to open up a favourite text editor and simply type out all the things that you are going to say in the movie.
  • Here is the good tip for you make sure that you blow the font up higher point size say about 18 points and print out your document that way you can easily shift your eyes between your computer screen and your script you may be printed out on copy stand in front of you
  • Some projects you need to go all the way to drafting out Of a formal script where you identify specific objective how you are going to set up the movie and that all of the action that’s accompany line of text that you may be recording.
  • Throughout the movie on some projects, It is necessary to go to this level of detail. it is a good idea to go through the entire movie start to finish at least one. if not two-three times before you press the record button that way. You confirmable all the different aspects of the flow of your movie.

Tips for video Recording Yourself.

2- Setting Up a Target Application.

2 Setting Up a Target Application

Before you begin the recording it’s always a good idea to take a few moments to go ahead and step through whatever the application, program, or tool that’s you going to be recording on screen and make sure that’s properly set up. It is a second step Video Recording Tips.

Keep an active those things or topics which you are going to teach on the screen.

3 Managing Mouse Movements.

3 Managing Mouse Movements

This 3rd step is also important in Video Recording Tips. One of the best things that you can do in order to improve the overall quality of your screen recording is to learn how to properly manage your mouse.

You may think you know I use the mouse every single day what I have to learn to manage the mouse.

  1. Make sure that you use the correct mouse. (USB OR wireless).
  2. You must have a nice mouse pad.

Tips for video Recording Yourself.

4- Handling Mistakes.

4 Handling Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but after reading all Video Recording Tips, you can get improvement.

By following a few simple rules during our recordings we can make relatively easy fix those mistakes and end up with professional looking and sounding screencast.

The first thing you should always do before even you start to the recording is that make sure that you have a clean starting position of documents so that if you need start over you can quickly and easily get back to the starting state of your document.

Another way to give yourself visual queue during the editing process, it that pause, and say something like, rephrases, edit, You say oops, pause again,  and give the line correctly again this will be clearly visible, in the audio waveform.

When we were editing, and y adding audio, the queue you will be much less likely makes the mistake, during the editing process.

Later on, sometimes you may need to pause longer than just a few seconds, making the mistake, Camtasia recorder make this, very easy for you do, by simply pressing f9 from keyboard to pause the recording you can take then take few seconds, regather your thoughts prepare your next line, and when you ready to continue.

When you ready to continue your recording go ahead and press f9 key on your keyboard. Than your recording will continue.

Occasionally a mistake is bad enough that will be easy to simply stop the movie and start over again but do not cancel the recording click the save as, button and save the recording with any name, bad take.

So you can go back and see the exact how your screen will set up, at the beginning of your movie, you may need to go back and research your application,  preferences, tools, and others options, previous states, and reference movie may be proven valuable.

If you record complex recording. These are a few tips, with dealing with mistakes. But if you follow the general rules, you will be able to deal with mistakes and happen much more actively.

If you fee any hesitation immediately pause the recording by pressing f9 and then remove it in editing movie.

5-Inviting Students to Learn.

5 Inviting Students to Learn

When you record the instructional screencast. So, this is also a necessary point to understand in Camtasia Video Recording Tips.

How to speak to learners just as important as what is teaching them in most recording situation you will not be recording screencast all in front of your audience.

In fact, it is very likely you will never even see the vast majority of learners who watch your video, therefore, it is widely important you may imagine that you speak to a real person.

Speak to that person as if you looking to his shoulders. Guiding and inviting him to take the action you are doing the screen. This is easily done of us. Many people are great teaching.

Tips for video Recording Yourself

when in front of the class and visual feedback of their audience. But have a difficult time to sound natural when you recording screencast.

some other tricks I use authors when you put a picture of person visualizing next to the monitor that they can talk more directly to the person.

One handwork with the even set up of a couple of action figure next to monitor talk to, it may sound big, crazy but, really help them, having someone or something in case talk to.

When you are speaking to your learners it is best to invite them to participate with you.

Follow along with you and actively engage in same steps in shown your screen instead the things watch me, or I do this or other things, try to habits give the directions by saying that move your mouse, click on this, it is phrased make sure them that you are directly teaching and talking them.

Tips for video Recording Yourself.

6- Understanding the Focusing on Content in Tips for video Recording Yourself.

6 Focusing on Content

Actually, this is also an important point in Camtasia Video Recording Tips.  we must focus We have already discussed the importance of getting rid of extraneous user interface elements and managing your mouse movements in order to reduce visual distractions in your movie. In this lesson, we going to draw our attention contents.

What are you saying? Doing, and teaching in order to keep the focus of your movie on one single concept and by doing so keeping your movie short and to the point see, so, maybe wondering.

Is there an ideal movie length from instruction screencast so the answer is there is probably no one single number or formula for the ideal movie we can use the following rule of the thumbnail.

  •  Target your movie.
  • Be between 3 or 9 minutes long.
  • With the suite’s spots 5 or 7 minutes long.

This generally gives you enough time through cover your subject matter but not losing your audience that distractions one of the biggest challenges, you will face that you begin and creating instructional screencast is not going to be figuring out to say but rather figuring out what to leave out.

In other words, what is really important that your views to know and what is merely distracting overload of information for example: let’s say you are recording a movie, whose purpose is to teach your user.

How to open a link in a new browser tab, you probably do not need to begin this movie by showing them how to go to the tools menu, go down to options, go over to tabs.

When laying out your movie you ask always yourself if these something users really must know in order to master this, particular concepts, could this content is broken into additions, movies, where each movie,   more focused on concept, is the information simply, interesting, but not the essential, but it is not essential, then cut out, or consider creating additional movies, that focus on that concept, exclusively.

Tips for video Recording Yourself.

7- Exploring Smart Focus in Tips for video Recording Yourself.

7 Exploring Smart Focus

like, Managing mouse movements this step is also important in Camtasia Video Recording Tips. Smart focus is the feature of Camtasia studio, it allows you to program to automatically detect the specific area of interest that you pointing out while you are doing your recording and will automatically zooming the screen those areas in order to get small focus to detect facts that make sure you are using Camtasia studio recording in order to record your screencast and save your files in rec file format which we use for the file.

In this lesson of Tips for video Recording Yourself. I want to give you a couple of tips. That you can use in order to make sure that your screen recording has the best chance of having the smart focus apply to it.

The first thing you need to know that you make sure that your video longer than 30 seconds any video short the 30 seconds will not get the smart focus automatically apply to it.

The next place to focus is how you move around the screen I am giving you the example in this case I want to show you open a browser we begin slow-moving our mouse down here to our taskbar and clicking one time. This is the last stop in Video Recording Tips.

The video must be longer to 30 seconds.

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