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Third Party Ad Servers

Third Party Ad Servers.

Third Party Ad Servers Often times are chosen by an agency or marketer. they both choose instead of setting of ads directly to the publishers.


So, what is a third-party ad server and why agency use them?

1 Third party ad servers

Simply put, the third-party ad server is a platform or tool used to store and manage display ads for online ads campaign within a tool and ads agency can set targeting criteria each ads performance goal in the campaign and even run the test to see which creative performs best.

Third Party Ad Servers.

2 Third party ad servers

3 Third party ad servers

4 Third party ad servers

5 Third party ad servers

There are main reasons for using the ads servers.

  1. Control.

The agency can specify which ads can run on which website, with the third part ads server it is easy .. creative, massaging, or switch the offer. You can make changes the ads, update cross all websites.

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6 Third party ad servers

  1. Targeting.

It specifies the ads and should start and stop running, and also more detail targeting criteria, like the geographic area with ads show as well as the time of day reporting.

7 Third party ad servers

  1. Reporting.

The agency can have one centralized place with the view reports that how ads are performing. This is whole easier getting different reports from each individual websites pretty great

8 Third party ad servers

So, how does the third party ads servers actually work someone the ads agency usually call the ads trafficker or trafficker in short uploads the ads, list the all the ads space media buyer reserved and since the targeting criteria the display ads, remains the stored ads server and in the ads trafficker sends the website pieces of code that are called ad tag.

9 Third party ad servers

The website server the tag and want to show the agency ads. When publishers serve the ads tag a replaces send back to ads server.

The request includes all targeting area. So, that most relevant ads will show the person, viewing their websites. This process of managing and controlling the ads makes third-party ads servers so, popular.

ad tag

11 Third party ad servers

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