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How to Test Website

How to Test Website.

In this article, we will learn how to test website. Testing your project as you developed them, it is the important part of web design without testing your projects you cannot have the idea whether they look and the way you want to them on across multiple browsers and devices.

test website

So it is really good idea to have plan and place for how you have to test your projects I mean websites and which tool you are going to use for testing.

Test Website on Multiple Cross Browser.

  • Install as Many Browsers as Possible and make sure that you have as many browsers installed on your computer.

Multiple Cross Browser

  • Although there are websites are available who allow you to upload page and provide you to screen shots of how to look the than target the browser nothing that really takes the place interacting with your page in the actual browser itself.

For this visit Google and find out cross browser “testing website on cross browser”.

  •  For the most part, you should also make sure Chrome, Firefox, and opera installed, however, the browser like safari and internet explorer those both are platform specific and can be the difficult test for them. If you do not have the operating system.
  • For internet explorer, you can use the Microsoft site which contains helpful resources for developing internet explorer as well the virtual machine.

 modern ie

 testing site on virtual tools

Means you can download which can help you to run internet explorer on your machine whether you are on Mac or PC.

That’s really cool. Now if you are in PC. You want to test on safari you can either pick up older version safari for windows or you can do something like testing on chrome since its web kit based browser really there is no substitute for the testing browser itself.

Currently, on PC no way doing safari other than.

For internet explorer.

 For internet explorer.


 download v machine

You also make sure that your setup local testing server on your development machine having local server it will allow you to test dynamic pages, create local installs like WordPress other CMSs and run several assembly level tools that make life a lot easier for you as the designer.

Test website on Multiple Devices.

For this visit Google and find out cross browser “testing website on multiple devices”.

Local Testing Environment.

having a local testing environment allows you to test server side code and do local installs of platforms like word press.

On the Mac, you can install MAMP is a free PHP, MySQL, Apache Server configuration.

On windows, you can install WAMP. It is simple and free and easy to setup, having multiple browsers.

 mac and wamp

Create a device Lab.

Where you test your site, how it looks on multiple devices, like mobile, tablet, laptop. But this can be really expensive.

Start with some popular devices I suggest you.

One IOS and one Android device.

Do not be shy to ask your relatives and friends for old devices. If they do not use any more. If you get more devices that are better.

Create a device Lab

Actually, the process of testing on multiple devices. While you developing sites can be a little tedious, there are tools out there they allow you to test and debug on remote devices while you edit your site Adobe Edge Inspect for example where you sync up multiple devices on your computer and then previews site you are working on simultaneously on all device.

 adobe edge

Ghost Lab is a similar tool they allow you to sync up on multiple devices and browsers to a single development environment.

 adobe edge

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