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Sucuri Security Service for WordPress.

Sucuri Security Service for WordPress.

In this lesson, we will learn two security services 1. Sucuri 2. Vaultpress. Now we have talked about all these things, you can do make your site, more secure and lockdown WordPress, we have faced the fact, there is remote chance however small, is still there something might happen, with your site, and might get hacked.


In most cases, actually not because of your most site security because of some others, site security setting on the same server that is not secured, and hackers are able to jump from to database, and tunnel way to your site back end.

 In those cases, actually server problem, not your problem, but still you have to deal with it.

When that happens, everyone wants to know, what do I do when my website is hacked.

The answer lies in the WordPress community. In some cases, you can reach out to the community, and get help to unhacked. in most cases, you want to turn people who have been dealing with this long time.

Here I want to highlight two services. You should check out. Both for your WordPress security and if something goes wrong.

1- Sucuri.

(If your site gets hacked or has a serious issue.)

The Sucuri is the security that specializes in WordPress security and you can some other stuff, but mainly focus on WordPress Security and like VaultPress.

You have the plugin install, and they will monitor the traffic on your site, what great about Sucuri is something goes wrong on your site, simply set up the account, give them access to your site.

Through FTP they go to your site, look at every single file, and the databases, figure out, what’s going on clean everything for you in your site.

Once Sucuri in your site, stay there, full the year to monitor anything else happens and just immediate catch it, immediately fix it.

2- Vaultpress.

The second great service regarding security is vault press. This is the website, which says back up and security service for your WordPress site,  and provided by automatic, the company that created so, these people only do the WordPress and the WordPress really well.

VaultPress allows, run a steady backup of your site and also runs the security monitoring on your site, if something goes wrong and there is malicious code on your site, VaultPress will notice and notify you and they will go and fix it.

VaultPress is a simple plugin you install and you have to pay the monthly fee of the service.  This service well worth the money, but VaultPress is not only the option.

Another option recommended to you. That is great, if your site got hacked, something seriously to your site encounter is sucuri.

The great thing about both of sucuri and VaultPress, these are not expenses services, and I advise for the piece of mind you get back up and security for your site and you also know the if something happens, and your site gets hacked, you do not pay more $100 to get the fix, after restore then your site will live and run again after malicious attach.

So,  if you do not have these services already, I want to series consider to your WordPress, and particular to the clients’ site, and if something goes wrong to your site, then call to VaultPress and sucuri, give you’re the best solution.

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