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LinkedIn Introduction.


LinkedIn Introduction. LinkedIn is the world’s largest online social network for professionals. It offers tools that design the specifications to help you find the job, promote your business, identify key opportunities and it allows you to build and maintain professional relationships. When you create a profile on LinkedIn you are …

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Twitter Basic Training.


Twitter Basic Training Understanding Twitter & Micro-Blogging. Twitter is considered a micro-blogging social network. A micro-blog comprises of brief entry with no special text formatting in twitter case brief means your entries must be 280 characters. It is a global social network. Millions of users having conversations. These microblogging entries …

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A Complete Facebook Tutorial.


A Complete Facebook Tutorial. You can go everywhere now these days, and hear this famous word, however many people who heard the word Facebook, still do not really that what is Facebook.  It is the website you interact with friends, family, co-workers. You can go anywhere these days. On hearing …

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Social Media Optimization


Social Media Optimization. Social media optimization (SMO) is the method of growing the awareness of a product, brand or event. SMO is processing, where, you can promote and get the publicity of your business . By using numbers of social media platforms without paying. You will get traffic in an organic way. …

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