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Reusing and Sharing Presentation.

 Reusing and Sharing Presentation.

In this lesson, we will learn the Reusing and Sharing Presentation. Where I have discussed the following topics.


  • Saving a custom theme.
  • Inspecting a presentation for stray comments.
  • Saving a presentation as a template.
  • Printing a presentation.
  • Recording and narrating a slideshow.
  • Saving your presentation as a video.
  • Exporting the presentation as a PDF or JPEG.
  • Sharing the presentation with others.
  • Presenting live online.

Saving a custom theme.

We changed this theme quite a bit. We have changed the color and we have added some graphics, even we have added customized layouts. It took a lot of time. You can save the time. If you create a presentation next time. By instantly using the same design. It means you will get new brand blank presentation with empty with all contents but have the same design elements. You have just added.

To save the theme.

design tab

 save current theme

From the above option.

Click on Save current Theme.

Give it the name.


File Running.




custom theme

This is really useful without spending time.

Inspecting Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for stray comments.

If you want to reuse and share a presentation. You do not want to draft markup on your presentation anywhere.

Powerpoint understands this very easy to remove markup before you finalize it. To check for markup.


Click on Info.

 inspect document

document inspector

Saving a presentation as a template.

We save the design elements so we can unify the theme cross our presentation. What about.

We want to reuse some of the contents.

For example.


Save as.


 save as

Printing a presentation.

We already talked about printing handouts for audiences that you can print the presentation also.



Recording and narrating a slideshow.

You can fully narrow your slideshow in the recording. This is great if you plan to preserve the presentation.

Such as including on DVD publishing the web or having people to view by the key task mode. And want to be heard your presentation.

You need a microphone.

PowerPoint takes care of the rest.

Make sure your microphone works and then.

slideshow   ribbon tab:

 record slide show

start recording from beginning

 start recording

recording options

 resume recording

Saving your presentation as a video.

You can save video mp4 video files, or windows media player files in PowerPoint without knowing how to create the video file.

PowerPoint even can include your audio On Slideshow.

If you want to record your audio or set the timing. Your video will use those. For any slide do not have the narration the timing. You can tell it how you want each slide to remain moving on the next slide.

To export your slide.



export video

 save as type

Exporting presentation as a PDF or JPEG.

Another great feature in PowerPoint is the ability to create a pdf file of your slide.

This way we do not want to waste paper by printing out the entire presentation and we do not have to worry about when editing changes the slide if I sent it to this in the PowerPoint file.



 create PDF xps document

17 publish PDF and xps document

 optimized options

 more options for optimization


Save as

 save as in jpeg

Sharing presentation with others.

PowerPoint is in creditably easy share your file other



 share with email

Presenting live online.

Microsoft PowerPoint gives users a free service call the office presentation service.

This allows any user to follow along with the presentation in their web browser this is also called webcasting you do need a You have first Microsoft account and it is also free account.

Slideshow Tab

present online




share present online


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