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Share YouTube Videos

Share YouTube Videos.

As the title of the lesson is Share YouTube Videos. So, here we will learn all the steps which are involved in Share YouTube Videos.


Embed YouTube Videos.

We talked about YouTube is the ideal platform for sharing videos and we talked about extendibility the ability to play with others and shares, at the core of extendibility is embedding taking the YouTube videos and placing on your own website or blog.

Let’s look how to it is done, I happened to be logged in that is not even necessary what am I going to show you, also this video is not originally posted by me, and video allows embedding can be embedded your website down next to about or share option.

1 Share YouTube Videos

2 Share YouTube Videos

3 Share YouTube Videos

Let’s go and click that, scroll down the options here I have shared sending the links, but also have embedded here what we call embed coding.

4 Share YouTube Videos

5 Share YouTube Videos

 I can copy and paste the code.

6 Share YouTube Videos

I do not want to suggest video, at the end I can uncheck that also I have options of security and privacy.

All embed code use flash embed now we work as iFrame HTMLL5 embed be perfect for us, so, these are all adjustments we can make and then I just want to copy of all this code and I can paste in pasted in my website or blog.

Share YouTube Videos.

It is already being hosted by YouTube, so coding we have done work whether pages online or offline or any individual URL, this sync technique also work blogger use the software like WordPress or blogger you just need to go that the windows type actually an HTML code and embed code that will work very similar to this, only on your blog that is all about the blog.

Really becomes more especially when you dress up, web page rounded and you select your query. You are going to use.


Social has a main part in Share YouTube Videos. One of the greatest thing about YouTube. It is tide integration with the social network as you can see I am now Facebook and want to post YouTube video, here on my Facebook Page.

7 Share YouTube Videos

As well as we will see integration with other social network sites. In order to post here, I need the URL link my YouTube page so I go to the YouTube page and also look some other detail therein.

Now here I am YouTube page/site you also notice that I am logged in this is my video that even not necessary what about I show you work on posting of other people videos from YouTube on social networks as well.

If you scroll down to click on the share button you see that a lot of choices for sharing.

7 Share YouTube Videos

9 Share YouTube Videos

Here we have seen some before in this course but let’s look again all of the features all of the social networks integrations we had seen before you click on share Facebook if you already connected your account and we have you can go ahead and share the video right inside of the YouTube interface.

10 Share YouTube Videos

11 Share YouTube Videos

Now the video will we share on YouTube.

You have to similar choices for Twitter, Google+ and so on, just remember you can post to your social network works inside the YouTube if you link the account if you have not linked the account you can post your social networks by copying the URL so there is a short URL here in the share box.

12 Share YouTube Videos

If the short name URL appear so I am going to a head copy the full URL and go back to the Facebook page, where I have to share the actual post when I paste that URL into the Facebook box then Facebook finds the automatically right page and gives thumbnail and submit data information on my post once its found page you actually do not need the link to appear here in the comment box, you can delete it, that write something actually related to post.

13 Share YouTube Videos Share YouTube Videos

  • Click on the post button.
  • Under the video there are links it will take it to the specific page where our video is available on YouTube Google+

How it does work on Google+.

  • Open Google+ page.
  • There is very integration between YouTube and Google +.
  • Like Facebook, there is the same way just paste the URL of YouTube into the typing box.

15 Share YouTube Videos

Google+ finds the video and then share the video.

I think integration with social networks, is the reality of the heart of YouTube.  It is clear that YouTube wants to be platform and utility that shares well, with others, is completely extensible in our entire, media echo system.


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