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Setting YouTube Goals and Expectations.

When you start using YouTube to market the product or your service or just make money online. One of the first thing that you want to think about setting YouTube goals for the channel and just setting some expectations of what is going to get out of YouTube.

YouTube Goals

When we talk about settings Goals for our channels.

There are few things we can look at and look to words to try end get more setup for YouTube.

1 Youtube goals

YouTube Goals.

  • You set subscriber milestones. Talk about subscribers being important both marketing and monitorization so, take a look at some other channels there are in the same industry or maybe already YouTube channel or you have a certain number of subscribers thinks about the next, milestones might be. It might be 100 subscribers. Might be 1000, or 10000, it might be relative to your channel and your business. It is important to set these goals. It gives you something on YouTube.
  • You can set also view milestones. It could be a view for entire channels or just views for a particular video you published for your first video and under views now you are going to publish a video and you can get a thousand views. So view milestone is very important as well.
  • If you use YouTube for monetization you obviously want to set some monetary milestones. May be 10$ for your first month trying and make 20 or 30 the second month.
  • The important goal setting is you have even more control over. When you are using YouTube. How many videos going to publish per week/or per month. Because YouTube viewers like consistency they like to able to expect that you are going to publish least of videos a week, three videos into the week.
  • So, you start certain trend you publish videos in your first month. Try to publish 4 videos next second month is well. Set goals and exceptions. How much content you actually going to put on YouTube.

Settings YouTube Goals for Channel.

  • Subscriber Milestones.
  • View milestones.
  • Monetary milestones.
  • Videos per week/month goals.

It is really important when you are setting your goals expectations for YouTube that Research the competition/community.

If you just get started on YouTube take a look the somebody in the same industry on YouTube for a while sees how many subscribers, they have how many views they have how many average views get. That is going to determine to help you. What is your own goal and should be?

It is also a great way to get some ideas. What works really on YouTube. What does not work? It is always important to take look at the competition in the overall community YouTube.

The last things I want to talk about in this lesson, how your channel is trending? As we later on this course. When we go to the YouTube dashboard.

We are able to see that how many views we have in the last 30 days how many subscribers we have in the last 30 days. How much money we have made in the last 30 days. It is also important to have these trends going up to work.

You want to increase your views as well as subscribers and also want to increase revenue YouTube for monetization. So, we are talking about setting and goals and we say ok we gained 3000 subscribers in the last 30 days.

Let’s try to gain 500 next 30 days.

So, this is really to get the help and idea where your expectations should be what possible for you to do on YouTube. Best on your channel how to performing in last month.

So, you always want to take a new look at these trends whether they upward and downward trending. Always want upward trending if one of the metrics is going down. Viewers are going down.

Why it is happening? Take a look at the video published in the last 30 days. Try to find out the reasons. Why might not be doing? Well as videos published in the past.

So, again. It is important to make sure your setting and clear the goals and expectations for your channel on YouTube.

Take a look at competitions to decide whether you are going to be using YouTube marketing and monetization and make sure you’re looking to analytics and metrics so, you can have expectations of what your channel can do in the next 30 days and next year.

How is your channel trending?

  • Views in the last 30 days.
  • Subscribers in the last 30 days.
  • Revenue in the last30 days.
  • Upward or downward trend? Why?

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