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 Google Ads Account.


To start advertising with Google Ads, you’ll need to create Google Ads Account before staring I want to clear that Google AdWords account and Google Ads Account are the same things.

So, the first step is to Type  in your web browser and you can simply select the Start Now Blue button here in the upper right-hand corner. (you can see below image.)

1 google ads account

From here, I’m going to choose Start Now.

So, first of all, we have to use either existing Google account information or we have to create a brand new Google account.

If you would like to use Gmail, Google Analytics, or AdSense or if you have already Google Account so, you can use the same email to log in for google Ads.

 Google Ads Account.

Now I advise that if you use Google Ads for your business purpose so, it is a good idea you create a Google account with your business purpose. You simply select Create accounting in the bottom left-hand corner.

2 google ads acct

Then select to manage my business from the drop-down that appears.

3 google ads act

Here simply you have to fill the given form and you follow the steps to create an account.

So, in this case, I have already a Google account, and now I go back and sign in my already available email. When you will sign in then Google will ask the following Information.

4 sign in image

You put an email address which you have already then click on Next Blue button.

Next, you have to give the password of your given an email.

5 password of email

Now, the accounting process will start, it depends on you either you follow the steps as I did here or you follow the wizard as Google shows you in the starting. After that, you’re going to need to verify your information for the email.

6 verification code

Next for verification six digits numbers are sent on your given mobile number, copy those digits and paste in the box or entering the code see below image.

7 verification code 2

Once you’ve done that, simply choose Next Button.

Congratulations, at this point, you’ve got yourself a brand-new Google AdWords account.

8 account created

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