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Server Side Programming Languages

Server Side Programming Languages.

It is important as a web designer you must have the knowledge of Server-side programming languages because you eventually face the site request functionality.

Server Side Programming Languages

Static v/s Dynamic.

HTML documents are statics”.  A static site is one that is usually written in plain HTML.

Another hand utilizes server-side scripting software allow to you build dynamic pages.

Dynamic pages allow you to provide a wide variety of page contents and functionality than static pages.

You can present different contents based on which users are accessing the page, create page popularity with content from the database, build shopping carts, forms from your sites list goes on and on.

So, obviously building dynamic web pages, allow to your build more powerful and engaging sites, however, dynamic websites are driven by server sites software.

They require complicated programming. Just it is not an easy task.

PHP. (Server Side Programming Languages.)

Hypertext Preprocessor.

The code is embedded in the page’s HTML and executed on the server PHP is open source, so finding quality, low-cost hosting fairly simply Large user community makes it easy to find freelance developers syntax is relatively simple, making of an easier learning curve.

  • 1994: Rasmus Lerdorf writes a set of CGI scripts to track visitors to his online resume. He opens sources the scripts and names them Personal Home Page.
  • 1997: Developers Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski, in conjunction with Lerdorf rewrote the existing parser and released PHP 3.0, renaming it Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • Because PHP was free and open-source, it attracted a wide community of developers.
  • Paired with the open source Tools Linux, Apache, and my SQL, PHP became the backbone of millions of sites across the world.

<! doctype html>



<meta charset=UTF-8”>

<title>Simple PHP example>/title>



<h1>A simple example of server-side scripting.</h1>

<p>Let’s display today’s date and time. </p>

<p>The current time is

<?php echo date(“D M d, Y G:I a “); ?></p>



Using Php.

  • You can find PHP on almost all hosting plans.
  • The large pool of existing developers to work with.
  • PHP is relatively easy to learn, with a lot of available resources.

Other popular Server side programming languages.



Java Server Pages.

  • Part of the larger Java framework and used by Java Programmer.
  • Scripts are a combination of XML and JSP scriptlets.
  • JSP is flexible and can be used on large or small sites.
  • Hosting is fairly easy to find, but hosting costs can vary widely.


dot net

Microsoft .Net Framework.

  • .Net actually refers to the entire Microsoft application framework.
  • Discuss which language you will be used within the framework.
  •  .Net is very powerful and can be used for any size site.

NET: Visual Basic. NET.

  • VB .NET is often referred to as.NET but is actually part of the larger.NET Framework.
  • Often used for large-scale, enterprise-sized sites or applications.
  • Can only be hosted on Windows servers.


 cold fusion

Adobe ColdFusion.

  •  ColdFusion is added to the page through its own markup language.
  •  Markup syntax is relatively simple for HTML designers to learn.
  •  Integration with Adobe products adds functionality.
  • Hosting is fairly easy to find, although can be pricey compared to PHP.



  • Powerful development language.
  • Has a variety of web-related libraries that make it easier to build sites and web-based applications.
  • Typically used to create larger sites or applications.



  • General-purpose development language.
  • Its popularity online is due largely to the Ruby-on-Rails web framework.
  • Rails have a simple syntax and powerful features, making it a popular choice for creating dynamic sites.

Tips for choosing Server Side Programming Languages.

  • Choose your hosting company wisely.
  • Hosting companies may only offer or two platform choices.
  • Budgets can drive decision-making.
  • Hosting plan cost may vary based on the server platform.
  • Existing technology can drive the platform.
  • Plug-ins, blogging platforms, and CMS choices may drive the platform.
  • Most designers choose a platform based on cost, developer network, and ease of use.
  • Find a developer that can assist you in finding the right platform for your site.
  • Research as many platforms as you can so that you can make an informed decision.
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