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What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization is all about the impacting how visible your website is in the search result in organic results. You will be making changes used in your site technical setup as well as content on the page in the effort to improve rank.


To Better Under Optimization.

To better understanding search engine optimization.  Let’s see how search engine works.

(Search Engine Optimization)

A company like Google have a bot. it is basically software programming crawls the web.

It does this following links than links from your site and other pages on your site or even links from one side to another. The crawler arrives the page reads the code and stores the information that stored information called the index and your initial goal is to get index by the Google.

If you are indexed your rank might rank well but you have the potential for ranking.

When I talk about rank, I am referring to which position you appearing for particular search query so when you enter a search term. Google will do it with best provide the most important and relevant answers and rank them best towards.

The better Google is the job the more likely to use them and more money to make. So, in the Google best interest lever the best content. Because Google drives the huge traffic each day it is new best interest to rank well for relevant terms.

Rank is determined by importance and relevance.

A complex algorithm turns of hundreds of variables to decide where your page lands. Many those variable. Which you are aiming to optimize.

These variables might include

  • Topics covered (topics you are writing about).
  • Page links (who is linking your page).
  • Website programming (how your website is programmed).
  • Mobile-friendly (even your site is mobile friendly).

Google even evaluate the quality of the pages linking to you. If they on brand relevant and popular, it is going to assume more credible and off topic popular pages or linking to your content. Variables that you can control.

  • User search location (Where might user is searching from).
  • Trending topics.
  • Current events.

SEO done well can provide you with the best ROI. It is done poorly and negatively impact on your organic search results.

Optimization Hints.

Truthfully SEO is an ongoing effort. There is not one specific tact, you can implement the stars succeeds the raise. It requires many factors used to be evaluated.

With that said, there still a handful of variables, are absolute essentials, to your success, I am going to focus on these keys area now to give your solid foundation to continue your efforts.

  • Make every page on your site accessible to crawlers: So first of all: search engine is built around the ability to index, the pages, so that very important that your site is accessible the crawlers.
  • There must be at least one regular, text-based hyperlink to every page on your site.
  • Search engine love text. If your site is built-in flash you are going to have trouble with SEO.
  • If you have used images in place of text, then you also have problems.
  • The search engine also loves clicking links.
  • Make your site easy to navigate to the users.
  • Mark important content clearly and prominently.
  • Use natural language in your URLs.
  • Create unique title tags for each page.
  • Do not start your title name with the domain name.
  • Give each page a unique meta description.

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