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Overview of Google Search Traffic.



The search traffic section is very helpful for identifying how often you, the site appears in Google, search result, who is linking to your site, any negative actions. Google has taken on your site, and information on your mobile user ability, there is a lot in this section, but the interest keeping of this course, relatively short I am only going to touch on key components.

1 Search Traffic

Let’s start search traffic option by taking a look at the search analytics report:-, this is the first option, just below the search traffic here on the left-hand side, this is the page I am currently on, and you see that search analytics and beta next to title, this is relatively new and it  may be changing time to time, as Google improves it, new version of Google Search Console has been launched. So, click and see the report in the new version.

2 Search Traffic

3 Search Traffic

4 Search Traffic

As you see the result is shown in the new version of Google Search Console.

This report shows often your site, appear in the google search result, you can filter and group the data by categories, such as search Queries, Pages, countries, devices, Search Appearance.

5 Search Traffic

Queries: –

  • Queries: meaning that the queries are used by users,( like articles have been visited by users) that generated impressions of your website URLs in Google organic search results.
  • Impressions: means how many times any URL from your website appeared in search results and viewed by a User or users it must not be including paid Google Ads Search impressions.
  • Clicks: means how many clicks on your site’s URLs from a Google Search results page, and it does not include clicks on paid Google ads search results.
  • Average Position: means The average position of your website URLs for the query or queries.
  • CTR: Click-through rate, calculated as Clicks / Impressions * 100.

6 Search Traffic

You can now compare your mobile traffic before and after, the April 21st  mobile update, just see how affected your traffic, and I will do this, by first enabling the devices from the drop down, selecting filter devices, and then mobile, and down below I am now looking all of the mobile traffic.

Pages: meaning how many times clicks and impressions were calculated/counted regarding pages, posts.

7 Search Traffic

Countries: meaning from where I visitors have come and generated clicks and impressions.

8 Search Traffic

Devices:- meaning Devices have been used to generate clicks and impressions using your site.

9 Search Traffic

Coming through a google search and from date drop down, I select set date range and then choose custom.

10 Search Traffic


Bring up the drop-down and we simply scroll the colander to see the how for google let us go, I choose to march 22 more see the above image and click on apply and you will see the result like below image.


You can do to compare, mobile vs desktop traffic.

11 Search Traffic

Select Device.

12 Search Traffic

13 Search Traffic

Select Desktop and vs. as Mobile then click on Apply.

14 Search Traffic

The result indicates the mobile traffic is more above then desktop traffic.

Use that section understand how users are searching and finding your site, and you can invest your growth any dd relates, it is your clicks, impressions, your click-through rate, and so on, feel free interact with, all of these options will short to get these, the date you need, to make your SEO decision moving along.

The second option does below search traffic, this section outlines most common, sources that relates, linking to your site.

It will also be opened in the new version of Google search console.

15 Search Traffic

16 Search Traffic

You will get here the information about External Links, Internal Links, Top linking sites, Top Linking Text.

You can see more information and more content or sources that more link, maybe the currently are to the right, see the list of contents, that is linking to most, this helps you understand.

These sources find the relevant and important in your site, you could consider improving those pages, to increase the conversation rate, or you might notice that contents you want to link, is not being referred you, and you can work to promote.

The anchor text used to when linking to your site, the anchor text is the text the users click on to arrive your site,  in ideal worlds, your anchor would be relevant think like the view, website and about probably are as relevant as say website application development.

Next, take look internal link report It will also be opened in the new version of Google search console.

17 Search Traffic

That is the third option here on the search traffic, in left-hand navigation this list is sample of pages of your site, that you have linked to, other pages on your site, in nutshell, number of links are pointing to the site, helps to google understand the relevant of your page, if you most important content say your product page, you want that very high this list, Google than assume, that is your most important contents, you influence this links, adding them in navigation your footer, every page of your site, or by using your content link back, to your key pages, if the important page does not appear in this list, or if the less important page, has restively large number of internal links, which you can see the count, right-hand side, you should consider reviewing, your internal linking structure, if you are deleting and renaming, pages on your site, check that data first, identify prevent potential broken links.

Next look at the Manual action reports.

It will also be opened in a new version of Google search console.

18 Search Traffic

Here Google is indicating that there are no manual spam actions found and this is good.

19 Search Traffic

That Google has the algorithm that determines, site using the spam techniques, or site has been impacted, by malware, spammy techniques adding include a link forum/form cloaking, keyword staffing or, hiding text, using spammy structure mark up or, even having very, little valuable content, if Google finds the issues it is going to list these actions in on this page, you find the links to steps, can to take the address problem, you also see the notifications appear in dashboard, or your notifications centers Google has identified the problem you want to take immediately its to repair problem if you receive manual action, alert it, will be series hit for your traffic and few leave the errors now back to our list.

Now we have international targeting sections, and we talk about that earlier so I m going to skip it.

For detail international targeting your see 005 Configuring Search Console.

Mobile Usability.

It will also be opened in the new version of Google search console and choose mobile usability instead this section will give you the list, any mobile usability issue, Google is really about creating an excellent experience for the users and because global web traffic, from mobile device, on the rise, and recent study shows that the mobile visitors are more likely revisit, mobile-friendly sites mobile usability is not part of google rank, looking factors, you want to pay careful attention making your site friendly for mobile device, take and look at section make sure you do not have, any errors.

Especially if you make any changes to your site, now I recommended   testing with google mobile-friendly test or by reviewing frequently to see if any error, crawls up, there are great reports, in the section, be sure add them, to your daily workflow, it is not a bad idea, start your day with quick peek and traffic reports identify your problems, early  on, will help you resolve problems before, they direct dd SEO efforts.

I should point out, that most of the data, in Google search console, is about two days old, so keep in the mind, when you are looking at it.

20 Search Traffic

21 Search Traffic

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