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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing.

In this article, you will learn about Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine has several benefits. But the biggest benefit is the ability to target your people with the amazingly. Target your people means you can target your site audience or Channel  YouTube Audience.


Because the search and display advertisements are served up digitally we can measure exactly when the user clicks and where they clicked from and what happens after they clicked.

This data lets the change marketing plan and optimized ROI (Return on Investment).

Let’s start with looking at the search engine marketing first.

This involves placing an advertisement on the organic result pages in search engines.

These advertisements are sold on a pay per click model so, you do not pay by impressions but rather actual in action.

Let’s see some results by running a query her on Google.

For doing that:

  • Open the web browser.
  • Open
  • Type any query.
  • In my case, I type here Samsung s8 price in Dubai.

1 type a query

Now search marketing is great because the searcher expresses their intent in this case I am looking for Samsung s8 price in Dubai.

So, the ads are very relevant to my needs as a marketer you create the custom list of words or phrases that you want to display with ads.

Now when you conduct the search a lot happens simultaneously keep on your eye on search which shows ad position sometimes when you search than some time ads come from the right-hand side.

This is because the moment you run your query is going to grab the list of advertisers, who want to display ads for this term (search query). Google is going to see the cost each advertiser to pay and going to biding more and telling the top bids are identified.

Next Google will apply the quality score to the bid and score determines by the keyword click-through rate relevant to the ad prior keyword performance and even the keyword focus on the landing page itself.

The numbers that come out determines who wins and who shows up in which slot.

 Know about Display advertisement in Search Engine Marketing.

These ads are banner ads or even the same text ads but shown on someone else website.

Not here on the google result page and You might encounter the browse the web. Let me show you the example:

I have opened a website you can see banner ads in the following image.

2 banner ads

These banners ads are targeted by the content on the page. The actuals website itself. Or they could be the target to your user profile. As determined by the site you visited in the past.

When you consider the display advertising it is really important to understand that can be hard to do prospecting campaigns with display ads.

Displays are great for re-marketing and any brand awareness. But harder to generate at direct response. Most displays ads are shown very relevant audience but that audience may not be expressing intent or even purchasing behaviours.

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