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Reviewing Google Search Appearance.

search appearance

The search appearance is the first section looking at in Google search console if you select link label search appearance in left-hand navigation you see the drop down you have 05 options.

1 search appearance

  • Structure data.
  • Rich Cards.
  • Data Highlighter.
  • HTML improvements.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages.

1-Structure Data.

Now a fun feature when you select a little i symbol next to search appearance text, this is going to popup example to help you understand various terms, Google uses, and how things appear, in google search result you can use this popup window to visualize how your site might appear, in search and learn about the content needed to influence each possible element at the top we have essential search results elements, like title, snippets, or we commonly refer to as the descriptions and your URL just below the that title, you have also optional elements, such as site links, search within a site, again you display URL and event rich snippets, as well breadcrumb and product rich snippets, I am going to close this box, by clicking x button upper right corner and tab the label structure data   here on the left.

2 search appearance

2-Rich Cards.

Rich Cards: In 2016, was launched rich cards in the US, generating a new method for website owners to present performances of their content on the Search results page. Nowadays, websites all over the world can now create rich cards across Google Search.

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3-Data Highlighter.

Data highlighter this tool allows you to highlight your cursor, elements on your page, and tag them, you even do not need to know how to program or even how to alter your website code.

3 search appearance

Let’s take a look at how we can add structure data, first thing first, we select start highlighting here on right hand side, next, we need to enter, in typical page, on your site, they contain element, that worth tagging, this could be a blog, or articles, your business information, product page, and so on.

I am going to head and type, in my URL, and we need to select, type of information, we are going to highlighting, in this case, I choose simple Articles, and you have the option either the tag this page, and others like it, or tag just this page, you will  use this page or other   like segment if the content is pretty formulated your site, any commerce site, products, might have pages, other than just page is tagging, I am going to choose tag this page, and others like it.

So, I show you relatively how this works? Next, I choose ok.

4 search appearance

What Google is going to do? Is load up preview of your site, on the left-hand side, it is going to show us, actual data here, on right-hand side, what we can do simple click element on the page,  in this case, I select this logo, on upper left-hand corner, and I can select, image, you notice on right-hand side Google is going to load the image, but we can see it, because this image is white, but Google is suggesting, that has been applied, I can highlight the word   and select what is it?

Let’s say the name, and Google is going to show us that on the right-hand side, you go through and the fill up all the information that the available and once you done, choose the publish on the upper right hand corner, now highly I recommended you add as many tags, as possible, Google is going to let you know, that you have some, missing tags, if you workable to fill them all out.

5 search appearance

That is ok, simply choose, continue anyway, and Google is going to take you to the next step here we have an opportunity to confirm that status of that Data highlighting now, a published and this will have come available as soon as Google crawls the site, if you choose you to like unpublish or delete to remove those tags, if you want to return simply choose the highlight option on upper right-hand corner to return to this section if you are not using structure data, it is a huge help for improving your overall SEO goals, I recommended to dive in ad tagging your site, on that way.

6 search appearance

4-HTML Improvements.

The next section is the HTML improvements page select that from the menu on left-hand side, here you will see the summary of potential issues, Google has found when crawling and indexing your site, these issues including  problems to tact with your meta descriptions, title tag, and any content that Google could not index, for particular reasons, if there is an issue, let the blue link to review the page impacted. In this case, there is no error for the first two, but the third option short meta description has 14 pages, with errors, I select that, I can see each of the pages, short meta description on left, and page comes from on the right you have even the option of download this table, here in the upper left corner review this report regularly to identify changes that potential increase your rankings in Google search pages well providing a better experience your reader.

5-Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Lastly, let’s take quick look Accelerated Mobile Pages.

7 search appearance

AMP is also the main important feature in Google Search Appearance. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plan is built on top of current web technologies to enable blazing-fast page rendering and content delivery.

When you click on Go to the new report then the new version of Google Search Console will be opened and you can see your AMP result of your site.

8 search appearance

9 search appearance

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