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Introduction to Screencast

Introduction to Screencast.

In this article we will learn about Screencast. Before we can do anything regarding Screencasting. It is important know that what exactly Screencast is?


So, let’s look some definitions that should help us a clear understanding. If we began by:

  • It is really short for Broadcasting a computer screen.
  • Screen cast is video screen capture of a user’s screen with audio.
  • Can also be full courses with interactions, video, and audio.

We should not be confused a screencast with the screenshot. Screenshot is a static representation of the computer screen as the specific point in time.

A screencast capture activity computer screen or over the period of time. The audio portion of screencast is typically narrated from the presenter. Like you watching here now but it can also include the sounds from the applications being shown even audio for other applications such as would be use to provide background music for example. Screencast can easily be distributed across the network or over the internet using the verity of diffident methods.  Such as through blogs, and other web pages.

To gain even better understanding of a screencast is let’s take a look who is using and some examples how it is being used in general anyone who wants to share the knowledge to do so using the screencast.

  • Typically, knowledge being share will pretend the. What is appearing on computer screen of the person doing the sharing way often software.
  • Educators at all level using screencasting to teach to those students on verity of programs. While providing learning resources that available at anywhere and anytime. Provide the sense of engaging between faculty and students. For this reason, screencast has become the regular fixture in distance education programs.
  • Experts on software applications use screencasting provide the tours of product and functionality. Go to any website of any major website manufactured and you likely to find the link or links to tour of their products.

People in walks of life for years screencast.

  • Records the meetings, presentations that might be posted online as reference or for those who could not attend.
  • If the person wants to report software bug, they can try to describe what’s happening. Which can be difficult to convey a better option is actually show which happening recording the screen and bug in the action.
  • Screen casting even be used for hardware demos if you have some form of the video cameras attached to your computer. Such as webcam which is also linked to your screencasting software. Off Course the possibilities for these screencastings are endless. This list gives you a better feel who is using. Screencasing. But only limit grown the imagination.
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