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Introduction to Screencast Tools

Introduction to Screencast Tools.

Creating screencast, you need screencast tools, where both software and hardware comes or there are numerous programs out there who are capable for recording computer screen activity.

Screencast Tools

Let’s take a look some more popular e-learning course productions along with hardware to get the job done.

  • We begin with hardware which off course includes the actual computer you are using to do screencasing at minimum your computer will need a mouse and keyboard. I know this that this sound is obvious. If you are going to create your screencast on laptop computer I highly recommended attaching mouse suppose: built in touch pad for example: typically touch pad result jerky cursor moment across the screen. It is very difficult to manage your teaching way with mouse cursor which is attached within laptop.
  • Now I am crating a narration for your screencast standard micro phone might be sufficient but minimal cost USB microphone/head will provide the audio much high quality so, I recommended the head set version of microphone for several reasons, the mic remains consist distance from your mouth regard less your moment during the recording. in fact you can even stand up move around the with headset mic.
  • You plan to show live action on your screencast. Such as hardware demo, live clips, you are speaking, you need some type of video camera attached with your computer and easiest option is webcam plug in to one of your computer USB port. You can point our camera what you want to record. Now this is getting some outside the definition through the screencast but it is getting popularity in the round with the e-learning.

Screencast Tools.

  • Though who hard work also going to need the software that runs it and record your screen activity. In context of e-learning here are some popular options will be looking more closely. In this course
    1. Adobe Captivate. It is very popular e-learning program that allows to you not just, record your screen activity but produce entire e-learning courses.
    2. Same can be said for Articulate Studio and Storyline.
    3. Lectora has e-learning authoring software. That allows to screencasting to you. Lectora inspire, Lectora Publisher, and Lectora Online versions of authoring software called Lector Online.
    4. Another popular screencasting software program is Camtasia Studio. It lets allows you to record anything on the screen than edit and enhance those videos used to create e-learning including interactives videos, clickable links, table of contents, search functionality and more.

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