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Screencast Tips

Camtasia Screencast Tips and Tricks.

Let’s look in this article, Camtasia screencast tips, and tricks. These tips and tricks help your presentation run a bit smoother. Using these screencast tips, and tricks you can make your videos attractive.

screencast tips

Tips and Tricks.

  1. Creating a recording account: you can learn more about (give here your post URL address).
  2. Use simple and solid background for your desktop. (have water handy).
  3. Use notes and bullets points.
  4. Use a second monitor.
  5. If you have not the second monitor use the second laptop. (it is also best).
  6. If you have neither these options, you can Print your notes. Next to your recording monitor.
  7. Check your setting before every recording. Do not just assume that same as you left them. mistakes happen, when you make one, wait second or two claps three times. From a clean starting point.
  8. When you go to edit. Easy to identify the problems areas. From the three claps.
  9. Break your presentation in sections. Work on one section and concept at the time.
  10. Use the pause button between sections. do a few lines and pause think and pause, no one can know that what is going on during the pauses and Camtasia resets your cursor where you hit pause.
  11. Customize the pause and stop buttons to something you think you can reach without thinking. (F1 and F2 I advise.)
  12. Setup the browsers tabs. If your presentations will use many websites instead type the URL for each one, just set up beforehand thinks click tab to tab.
  13. Turn off your notifications. you do not want the update or any disturbing.
  14. Have your apps ready. (if you are presenting multiple apps ready and setup them before recording.)
  15. Always recording in. trec format.
  16. Get a quality mouse. (loud mouse click brings distractions.)
  17. Position your headset correctly. Just below the mouth, not a bad voice.
  18. Turn of arrow windows few.
  19. Make sure that at the time of recording your room should be empty no family members and not friends and mats.

So, There are few tips and tricks that will make your recording run and look better. Make sure your family or roommates, in your recording, probably getting some stereo noise at less they do not intend to knock on your door, or during your sessions.

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