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Screencast Fundamentals

Understanding Screencast Ideas

Screencast Ideas

How to Create Screencast Ideas. If you start using e-learning software and screencasting tools to create your output share with the world. It is a good idea that has a plan in mind, let’s look How to create Screencast Ideas, when comes to design of your screencast from e-learning perspective, …

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Best Screencast Software

Best screencast software

Best Screencast Software. If your goal is to create training videos, e-learning, or m-learning, which e-Learning produce specifically to be viewed on mobile devices. Some Best Screencast Software is available out there. You want to choose the right one, to best match your needs. Let’s compare the software and applications …

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Introduction to Screencast Tools


Introduction to Screencast Tools. Creating screencast, you need screencast tools, where both software and hardware comes or there are numerous programs out there who are capable of recording computer screen activity. Let’s take a look some more popular e-learning course productions along with hardware to get the job done. We …

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What is Screencast


What is Screencast In this article, we will learn What is Screencast. Before we can do anything regarding Screencasting. It is important to know that what exactly Screencast is? So, let’s look at some definitions that should help us a clear understanding. If we began by: What is Screencast? It is …

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