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Running a Display Campaign.

We see display ads in every display campaign, all over the Internet but how they get there? I mean how they are working. In this article, we will know it.


1 Running a display campaign

It is not magic, usually, they get to place the ads after a lot of work has been done by the advertising agency. Advertising Agency especially helping the company market to their business.

2 Running a display campaign

3 Running a display campaign

4 Running a display campaign

Many businesses do not want to take valuable time away from doing to focus on how they market their products. Therefore, many of them hire specialist and ads agencies to do the job for them.

It is important to note some companies do want to manage their own advertising. In the advertising world, this group is called marketers.

5 Running a display campaign

7 Running a display campaign

Right now, we are going to focus on agencies. Whether it is an agency or marketer. The basic step in launching an online display campaign is the same.

8 Running a display campaign

9 Running a display campaign

Let’s say an advertiser has created a new product and want that whole world knows about it. The advertiser let agencies to know about the product and requesting to ads campaign and promoting.

10 Running a display campaign

Running Display Campaign.

Once the agency agrees the launched the campaign.  someone has information where they should run the ads. What creatives tones should be and of course how gets the ads on the website. It’s sound a big undertaking, and it is.

11 Running a display campaign

So, who does what? Let’s start with figuring out. Where to buy ads space. This is responsible for the media planner. Sometimes also calls to media a buyer.

12 Running a display campaign

They have to create lists of sites where they want ads to show. They pick sites based on whether the audience spends time online. This is site call the media plan. The media planer negotiates with each site determine how much cost to show their ads there.

13 Running a display campaign

While media planning is underway. the creative team some time creative agency some time from the same agency is the planner come up with concept and design than they build the ads.

14 Running a display campaign

In this industry, people are called creatives.

15 Running a display campaign

So, will be using both terms here now. After the ads approved by the advertiser. They need to upload to ads server.

16 Running a display campaign

This is where the trafficker comes in.

17 Running a display campaign

The ads trafficker into the ads server upload the creatives and assign them to run site in the media plan. Once everything is set up.

19 Running a display campaign

Traffic generate ad tags. Ad tags are the little piece of code that allows to website request for ads. These ads tags send to the publisher whose sets the up and running webserver.

20 Running a display campaign

21 Running a display campaign

The campaign is ready to run. At the end of the campaign.

22 Running a display campaign

The agency put the big report to show advertiser whether money when. We got online ads campaign. This is time spend. the advertiser wants to make sure there is spending wisely and the agency want to client to be happy.

So, come back to next bid campaign.

24 Running a display campaign

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