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Understanding RSS Feed. 

Understanding RSS Feed.

RSS Feed is short for Really simple syndication Feed and its standard means publication and syndicating the contents on the web.

RSS feed

What is that meaning:

For example, you have designed a website or blog for the client or yourself, there are section Latest updates. When Blog posts are created or updated regularly. Then your clients I mean who have subscribed your blog. They will be sent updates automatically.

get latest update

RSS-feed displays the contents and links directly to their articles on your website or blog. The RSS-feed automatically updated when new content is published.

Really Simple Syndication.

It is standard mean publishing syndication contents over the web.

RSS feeds standardized XML based formats designing for distributing contents. Designers and developers create RSS files that contain headlines, descriptions, links, and author name, other information specific to that content.

Although the list of an information RSS feed can contain is incredibly broad. Most RSS or briefed focus on the basic on published content. Creating this document by hand time consuming so process mostly automated is JavaScript or server-side scripting software such as PHP.

Most blogging platform automatically created RSS based on user interfaces.

Most individual consumers RSS feed throughout the use of newsletters or feed Aggregator.

There are many free news feeder available many popular aggregator sites that present feed based on category or popularity.

What if you want to intergrade RSS feed your site.

For the most part, this requires either JavaScript or server-side solution translate the XML file into readable contents your site. This is usually not the task of the web designer as security issue SSLT transformation and properly parsing RSS feed little tricky.

There are online tools free and subscription-based, like MailChimp they can perform the task for you. Leave you simply copy and paste your appropriate code into your site.

If you have decided want to use services I recommend research and experiment thoroughly, before coming them to your finish the site.

You should be aware, how RSS work and tools require intergrading to your site’s publishing and consuming your site RSS feed common requirement of many web sites and chances are pretty high on counter them some points web designers.

The example of my site:

RSS example

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