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Reviewing Word Document.

Reviewing word Document.

In this lesson, we will learn about Microsoft Reviewing Word Document where we will discuss Inserting and reviewing comments, Tracking changes, and showing markup, Accepting or rejecting changes, Comparing and combining documents.


  • Inserting and reviewing comments.
  • Tracking changes and showing markup.
  • Accepting or rejecting changes.
  • Comparing and combining documents.

Inserting and reviewing comments.

When sharing your documents with others. You may not want people going in making changes to the document with itself instead of you rather get feedback one option is to use comments we are going to do in this article with the current file.

Select any word.


Inserting and reviewing comments
Tracking changes and showing markup.

If you decide to allow to people to edit the documents to sharing with them. You may want to track in changes that way you can see the changes which were made.

What changes were made is called markup I am going to talk about that in this lesson.


 track changes

shortcut of trackchanges

simplae markup

Accepting or rejecting changes.

When you are using track changes to track the changes to multiple people, this  might be making to a document, as the author has to ability to accept or reject the changes and move through the documents doing so as we are going to learn this After usage of track changes than you can accept and reject changes.

accepting and rejecting changes



Comparing and combining documents.

We already know that if you are going to share the documents with other people and then people are making the changes.

copying your documents that are not shared online tracking changes can really help that way.

So  author can see that where changes were made you can accept and reject the changeswhat’s happens if you share copy of your documents with someone who forgets the turn on track changes you have to go through  the documents comparing to the original documents highlighting the changes were made may be changed are made itself there is option in word that allows you compare documents into one .


compare docs

 compare settins

show original

compare documents

accept and move to next

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