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Understanding Responsive email and Adding Social Media Features to Your Emails.

In this lesson, we will learn about responsive email. A lot of people chats and read their email on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets devices.

Responsive email

So, it is important to consider these devices when creating, marketing emails, specifically there are three things to consider responsive email,  when you sent emails to people who are likely to read on mobile devices, first is the fact most people access the same email inbox, with small phones, tablets, and computers so, you should design responsive email, emails for smartphones, without thinking that how to work on computer and tablets.

1 Responsive email

Second things for Responsive Email is usefulness, emails content to the persona on a mobile device when people are using mobile devices, to read emails, the more likely to be, sorting through emails deciding what to open now what to save for later, what to delete immediately the more useful your email is the mobile context the more like your emails be open immediately or save for later use

For example: if your emails contain on coupons the recipients show on the store, receive the discount, it is more useful on mobile context than the email asks you, recipients, to go through the online order process, involves a lot of typing, they may easy on the computer keyboard.

The third things to consider is the how the email will, look and function mobile device, smartphones have, the much small screen then the computer, and often frustrating for the people to scroll around to find, links and text and images,

The most focus email can advantage the upper left portion of the email, that’s because the most, mobile devices display beginning with the upper left portion of the email, or the display with whole, email on the screen, require the recipients, zoom and scroll specific section of the email when people zoom and scroll, they often start from the upper left corner of the email, at least in country people reach left to right here are some examples, the types of contents they can effective when the position left your email,

You can place your logo or the name of your business at the upper left, you can begin your email with the main headline at the top of your email, images can be upper left effective you might want to make sure, it is small enough for some text of fits, next to it, below it, who encourage people to describe, you can place the navigation links, at upper left, so people can quickly scroll and click to contents in your email, on to the website.

Remember that navigation links are necessary only when your email has a lot of contents, that your audiences view if you have decided that contents that content of your email, is so large than take moments whether about sending so much information single email in the first place, cutting down your content and increase your frequency might be a better solution to making your email easy, to navigation screen hopefully your emails contents drive to people to take action, and when they have a mobile device in hands.

The Mobile Call to Action.

When people read your emails, on mobile devices, the more likely to respond, if you include the call to action makes it easier, or more interesting people that take action using the device, here are some capabilities to give mobile email some potentials.

Smartphones allow to people to touch to click on phone number, to immediately dial number, so, you may want to include your number, in emails to makes it easy to people to contact to you.

2 Mobile call to action

Some smartphones and other mobile devices, also allow an address automatically links to maps and directions, so include your physical address your emails if you have one or more physical location.

Before including links to your website email main or mobile devices you may want to optimize website pages,  mobile webpages have, simplify navigation and content that easy to read on the small screen.

A good web designer also thinks about Responsive Email and can help to detect mobile device and served up versions that the website that friendly each type of device, links to videos also work well on smartphones, and mobile devices, for the best result, post your videos on the public sides,  such as YouTube make your videos play on all types of devices, in addition, links to email content you can also use your email contents to suggest mobile-friendly actions, such as taking the pictures, Attach images, when replying to your email.

  • Visit the social media site to follow your business.
  • Write to review.
  • Check-in one location services.

Showing email to someone else,  it works great for the coupon and other offers in your emails. If you have a retail store because you can tell people how to email company repetitive to receive the discount and offers mentioned in the email.

Mobile technology is the rapidly advancing so in future sure the dd more exciting mobile email potential and till than I hope this section, of course, helps to develop an email strategy that really mobilized your email subscribers.

Adding Social Media Features to Your Emails.

I show you how to combine, emails and social media, to increase the number of social interacting with your email receive.

Emails can be:

  • Forwarded:
  • Shared:
  • Likes:
  • Tweeted:
  • Rated:
  • Reviewed:

You can use the basic social media, features to promote your social media content email subscribers, and you can use more advanced social media features to allow your social media followers to view your emails without receiving an email in the inbox, here how it works?

To promote your social media content your email subscribers, simply include links, to your social media sites, in the body of your email, for example, you may want to add the Facebook icon on your email, link your business page on Facebook.

3 Adding Social Media Features to Your Emails

Posting your emails to social sites, it is easy, with email marketing providers because they can send automatically sends to inboxes Facebook walls and Twitter pages when you schedule your emails to allow, that way, you can create email content once, and publish to everywhere, in one campaign.

4 Adding Social Media Features to Your Emails

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