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Publishing Workflow

Publishing Workflow.

In this article, we will know the Publishing Workflow. A lot of work goes into the setting of display campaigns by both ads agency task building the ads, and publishers’ team in charging the serving on them on the website.


1 publishing workflow

2 publishing workflow

Actually, the agencies send their ads tag to the publishers. The publishers work just beginning as you can take the few days, to get settings on their ends.

Publishing Workflow.

3 publishing workflow

First, the publisher will allow the ads tags into their tag management system, and ads any targeting criteria that’s required on their part.

For example, the agency might want to publish only sell their ads to the user in Brazil or on-sell their ads during the hours of the day once the publisher loads the ads tags the run test make sure the ads work is expected.

The quick to see the image animation display directly.

4 publishing workflow

The ads quicks through the right page. They also test whether or not ads follow you required target in your criteria.

5 publishing workflow

The publishers may be juggling for ads different advertisers cross the website so, it is important to have to enter everything correctly in their system. So they can show to the right people.

6 publishing workflow

Before we launch the campaign the publisher might need the agency approval after having tested everything themselves.  The publishers can ask the agency to review the ads before the campaign officially go live.

After agency approved the ads can go live on his launch date.

7 publishing workflow

While the campaign is running, the publishers keep on eye how the ads are performing.

If they see the particular ads are getting better response rate than other or more people clicking on that ads, during the certain times of day the publisher can make the adjustment the most popular ads are shown during the most popular time this will help to deliver best possible performance for their agency.

Which turns increases the chance of agency being a return customer.

8 publishing workflow

After the campaign ends the publisher will deactivate the ads tags, in their system and make room for the next campaign.

9 publishing workflow

10 publishing workflow

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