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Publishing and Scheduling WordPress Post.

WordPress Post

When you finish creating and editing your WordPress post, maybe time to publish it, this is done from the publishing panel, comes it’s own.

We already touched on publish panel previously when we previewed the post in the front end, and also saw the revisions tool.

Now it is time to closer look in see what publish panel can do?WordPress Post Publish panel

The main functionality of the publishing panel is to control the status of your posts, from here you can publish the schedule and update your post as well as move it to trash.

publish panel 2

The big blue button Publish will change its function deepening on context, right now since we are in a draft post, it says publish.

If we click it, the post will go live right at moment then button will change it in the update.

WordPress Post Publish with Update

We can change by changing the publish on data and time. You see right now, post sets to update immediately.

Schedule the Post.

However, this function can be used to schedule the post to be published sometime in the future in which case publish button will be changed into just schedule or we can set publishing date in some time past so if I plan ahead.

I write a series of posts and I want to publish in time in the future.

For doing this

Go publish panel.

WordPress Post Publish panel Tool

Select date for publishing of the future.

Then you would notice that the blue button will change from the publishing schedule.

WordPress Post publish panel schedule

Now WordPress monitors the clock when I hit this particular date and time then post will automatically go alive on behave.

Likewise, I can go, edit again and set the publish date post back in past, this will change the position of the post in reverse chronicle stream or index page and it is useful when moving content.

One side to another or publishing old content and want to preserve chronology or original publishing date you can also the changing status of your post as your writing new post will be saved as a draft.

WordPress Post publish panel with publishing

You can see here save the draft and under status says the draft.

Publish panel save draft

Once you publish the post if I click on publish right now. Now status has been changed into published.

 WordPress Post publish panel publish options

you can change the status manually by clicking this edit button under the drop-down to pending review or to draft if you changed the status and update the post.

 publish panel published

 published 2

The post is taken off the front end website and now it has gone to review, on-site notes pending review data is an automatic status that applies to post written by contributors.

We will talk about more in the lesson about the roles and capabilities of later in the course.


Finally, we have visibility.

By default, all published posts are visible to the public. You can modify the status to have a post become sticky post by opening the editor visibility checking the stick to the post front page option.

This can use you want to showcase the specific post them on the front page the or bring back up the history of your site some themes also use the sticky function the populate feature content slider or panels on the front page or do the other things, you have to test your particular theme find out how exactly sticky post handles.

Publish button

You can also choose the at the post visibility either password protected in this case you have to enter the password and for watching you have entered the same password or private.

publish panel password protected

If you set the post private only logged-in users will be able to see the post and only the users with the status offer or above these options are less complex and only used for membership sites or site share personal content or content for small groups.

publish panel private

For the most part, only be using the save draft preview publish button within the publish panel that said.

 publish panel save a draft

When you publish the post than on the place of publishing option update option will be shown. If you have created your post and you are happy with the post.

You can click the publish.

Jump to the front end of the site and now you see your new post.

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