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Proprietary CMS Examples.

Proprietary CMS Examples.

In this article, we will learn about Proprietary CMS Examples. In addition to hosted and open source CMS solutions. Also There either close systems are available through licensing fees.

These are often called proprietary CMS systems and just like other content management system solutions. There is a huge number of choices available in a wide range of tips and options.

proprietary cms examples

In fact, in the early days of web-based content management, the overwhelming majority of the system was proprietary the debate between whether the open-source and proprietary solutions or better have been raging for years now, I simply outline the benefits and shortcomings of the proprietary system so, you can make your own decision.      

 Proprietary Vs. Open Source.

Proprietary Views.

  • Single-source vendors offer stability, a Dedicated partner, and more thorough Engagements from consulting, implementation and support.
  • The true cost of open source Implementations is often high due to Poor support and sparse documentation.

Open source Views.

  • Single-source licenses are restrictive, migrating to other systems is difficult, and many open-source vendors offer similar services.
  • Instead of small dedicated teams, open-source software has hundreds of developers dedicated to improving of the software.                                       

    Proprietary CMS Examples.

Enterprise Level.


Open Text.

 Open Text

  • A large enterprise-level company with a wide array of products.
  • One of the industry leaders in web-based CMS.
  • Can offer a range of existing business logic and systems.

  Expression Engine.

 Expression Engine

  • Market-leading web CMS.
  • Range of license fees that stretch from freelance to commercial.
  • PHP based platform boasts a large community of developers.

 Moveable Type.

 Moveable Type

  • Originated as a blogging platform.
  • Tiered licensing & usage plans, including a free, open-source edition.
  • Plans are structured to target bloggers, businesses, and enterprise-level clients.



  • CMS based on the. NET framework.
  • Free, open-source edition available to developers.
  • Tiered license editions based on features and usage.
  • Free community edition recommended for experienced. NET developers.

 Perch CMS.

 Perch CMS

  • Small CMS with a low-cost, one-time fee.
  • Easy to use, and requires minimal technical skill to use.
  • Great for websites that need to be maintained by clients or non-technical people.

 Apple IWEB.

 Apple IWEB

  • Mostly left out of CMS-related discussions.
  • The low-cost tool that allows almost anyone to build a site.
  • Minimal toolsets, but just right for certain small websites and hobbyists.


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