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Computer Language Translator Programs.


Computer Language Translator Programs. The computer cannot execute programming instructions or a programming language. They work electronically and there for, must represent data and instructions in binary (1st  and 0s) form. Language Translator Programs are those programs who converts or translates programming language (high-level language) into 1s and 0s, or …

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An Introduction of Computer Programming Languages.


An Introduction of Computer Programming Languages. We know, a language is a medium of communication among the people, they can talk to each other, give instructions to do a job. Some way, computer languages are used to give instructions to computer systems to perform different data processing operations. Computer Programming …

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Program Documentation in Computer Programming.


Program Documentation in Computer Programming. Program documentation procedure is used in computer programming. Which means write up an explanation of how the program works, enabling other people to use and understand it. For a large program or software, this documentation may involve writing a complete manual of the program or …

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Problem Solving Techniques in Computer Programming.


Problem Solving Techniques in Computer Programming. Problem solving techniques provides all steps, like Algorithm, Flowchart or block diagram, Coding, Program debugging, Running. which are used in computer programming. Algorithm (Solution Design). After the analysis of the problem, it is possible to list out the steps that must be followed for …

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Understanding Problem Analysis.

Problem Analysis

Problem Analysis. Problem Analysis in Computer programming is the process where we break down problems into its components so that the problems can easily be understood. The way to do this is to write an ALGORITHM of the problem. Problem Definition. The process of understanding the problem and then defining it on the basis …

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What is Computer Programming?


What is Computer Programming? Programming is the process by which a set of instructions has produced a computer to perform some specific activity. The activity may be instruction, which tells the computer what to do and how to do or a production of a student result sheet or solution of …

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