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Program Documentation in Computer Programming.

Program documentation procedure is used in computer programming. Which means write up an explanation of how the program works, enabling other people to use and understand it.

For a large program or software, this documentation may involve writing a complete manual of the program or software.

Most programmers would much rather proceed with next project then spending time that good documentation requires.

Therefore, one of the responsibilities of management is to see that the documentation requires.

Therefore, one of the responsibilities of management is to see that the documentation standards are developed and that all programmers and system analysts comply with them. Documentation of a software system is normally proved in the following terms.Program Documentation


Comments are very helpful in documenting a program. These comments are used within a source program listing. They are used to explain the logic of the program. These comments must be as clear as possible.

  1. A system manual.

A system manual is always written with good software. It should contain the following information.

  • The problem should be clearly defined.
  • Objectives of the system must be determined.
  • It includes program names and their functions.
  • Detailed system flowcharts are constructed.
  • Programs are descriptively described.
  • It is supported by the source listing of programs.
  • Specify the input and output forms.
  • Provide a detailed layout of input and output data fields.
  • It includes test data and tested results.
  1. Operational Manual.

The operation of large software is always a big problem for new users. Therefore, a good operational manual is provided with each software.

It ensures the smooth running of software. The best operational manual should contain all of the following information.

  • Details of each program.
  • List of computer switches, their location, setting, and purpose.
  • Procedures for loading and unloading.
  • Starting, running, and termination of the program.
  • Describe all-controlling procedures with examples.
  • All errors should be described which may arise during the execution of the program.
  • List of error conditions in detail.
  • A list of supporting programs, if any.
  • Security measures for data must be established.

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