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Product Advertising Definition for Google Ads.


Product advertising definition that you create will, more often than not, focus on a specific product.

That product might be:

1 product specific

  • A physical piece of merchandise.
  • The entirety of your brand image.
  • A specific service.
  • Or, say, an electronic download.

The best advertisements are focused and that focus needs you to actually describe what your product is at a much more granular level than you might be used to.

In the last lesson, we briefly looked at a scenario covering a pet groomer.

For this business, we would want to make a list of all the marketable products and their definitions.

What is everything you can offer your customers?

It’s either objects or information that is now on your website, will be added to your website, or what you have in your store.

Now you don’t need to create a list of things that you don’t want to advertise for.

So, in this case, we only need to come up with a list of marketable products that we’re going to be buying ads for.

So, for this business, off the top of my head, I can think of:

2 pet groomer products

3 pet groomer products 2

  • Cat grooming.
  • Dog grooming.
  • Dog shampoo.
  • Cat shampoo.
  • Dog grooming tips.
  • Cat grooming tips.
  • Dog nail trim, and so on.

This list can continue to go on to focus on specific products or even more specialized items. It’s not good enough to focus on your business broadly.

 You want to target your specific products.

This lets you modify your advertising copy and your keyword strategy to see your customers when they’re in the right attitude.

4 product requirements

Each product will need Its own campaign, Its own goals and likely a unique landing page for when the advertisement is clicked.

Take some time to think through all the products and services you offer. You can even group your products into multiple categories.

So, you might list out your products by type first and then again by brand.

Before we continue, make a list of everything you sell or offer.

This will help you as you prepare to build your first campaign.

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