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Problem Solving Techniques in Computer Programming.

Problem Solving Techniques in Computer Programming.

Problem solving techniques provides all steps, like Algorithm, Flowchart or block diagram, Coding, Program debugging, Running. which are used in computer programming.


Algorithm (Solution Design).

After the analysis of the problem, it is possible to list out the steps that must be followed for the solution.

These steps may be written in detail. The detailed series of steps are written for the computer, in order to produce the desired result. The set of these steps is commonly known as “algorithm”.

The term algorithm may be formally defined as the sequence of instructions designed in such a way that if instructions are executed in the specified sequence, the desired results will be obtained.

Problem Solving.

The flow chart or block diagram.

The flow chart or block diagram helps you to pictures the solution to a problem. It makes a map or picture of the flow of activities of a program. Once this picture with the help of flow chart symbol is drawn the coding of the program becomes easy.
flow chart


The procedure of writing a program is called “coding”. The program is a man’s method of conveying to the computer in a language, which it can understand. Only during the first few years, computer programs were prepared in actual machine language or machine codes.

Today most programs are written in the symbolic language is called “ source program”, while its translation into machine codes is called “object program”. The source program is usually written on coding sheets (a special sheet designed to write computer programs) then entered into the computer.

Program debugging

When the program has been coded, then it is executed manually to find out any possible errors, this process is termed as “dry run of Program”.

If any error is found, then it is removed before entering. After feeding the program on the computer, it is executed to find out any syntax or logical error. This entire procedure is called “Debugging”. All language compilers and interpreters are designed to detect syntax errors.

The print error messages on CRT that indicate the number of the statement with the error. These error messages are very useful and are used by programmers to find out all syntax errors in their programs. Therefore, it is a relatively easy task to detect and correct syntax errors.

The term debugging was used first time by a lady programmer Grace Murray Hopper in 1945. she was trying to execute a program on Mark-II computer with her colleagues, but the program was not running successfully. They checked each and every step with care but the error was still there.

After it, they checked the physical components of the computer and found a dead bug in the relay, which was the cause of improper action of the relay. When they removed that bug, then the program was successful. After this event, whenever these programmers were asked to the success of a new program, they answered that  “ We are debugging”.


After desk checking and debugging, the program may run fine in the laboratory. However, it then needs to be tested with real data and real users, called beta testing. Indeed, it is even advisable to test it with bad data that is faulty, incomplete, or in overwhelming quantities, to see if you can make the system crash.

Many users, after all, maybe far heavier handed, ignorant, and careless than programmers have anticipated.

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