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How to Print Worksheet.

In this lesson, we will learn how to print worksheet of Microsoft Excel. Where I have discussed topics like Print preview, Workbook views, Orientation, Changing page size, Printing the highlight data, Print Tiles, Previewing page breaks, Working with Page Setup and printing controls, and much more.


Exploring the Page Layout tab and Page Layout view.

If you are about to print worksheet. Before print worksheet, it is the best way that you have to use print preview first.

When you will click on the Page Layout Tab.

See all features related to Print worksheet. But note down there is no command of Print Preview.

print commands

Print preview command is located inside print command. Which can use from File.

Print as shown below image.

print preview

Print preview shortcut key.

print preview shortcut

Use the following options exit from print preview.

 exit form print preview

This command can also be used from quick access toolbar.

quick access tool bar

The 3rd way of using this option is from:



Workbook views.

 normal page layout page break

Normal (Normal is used mostly.)


Page Layout

 page layout

Page Beak Preview.

 Page Beak Preview

Give your pages a portrait or landscape layout.

Think Portrait as Vertical and Landscape as Horizontal.


Changing page size:

Choose a paper size for your document.

Changing page size

When you click on the size number of choices will be displayed, select one them according to your need.

Mostly two types of papers are used everywhere.

Letter: it has width of 8.5 inches and height 11.

Legal: it has width of 8.5 inches and height 14.

 page setup

Printing the highlight data.

 Printing the highlight data

Print Tiles.

 Working with Page Setup and printing controls

 Printing the highlight data 2

Previewing page breaks

Another approach to printing is to begin that is called page break preview.

It is located on the lower left-hand corner of the status bar.

 Previewing page breaks

 Previewing page breaks 2

If we do not want to print particular area.

 Previewing page breaks 3

 Previewing page breaks 4

 Previewing page breaks 5

 Previewing page breaks 6

Working with Page Setup and printing controls.

When you about to print the worksheet. Page layout is the obvious of our menu tab have to go first to control the features. If you want to consider to add print titles.

From Page layout.

Print tiles

After clicking on print titles, you notice that a dialog box will be displayed

 Working with Page Setup and printing controls 2

Page Layout

 Working with Page Setup and printing controls 3

Working with Page Setup and printing controls 4

Working with Page Setup and printing controls 5

 exit form print preview

 print preview

 custom margins




 header and footer


 header options


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